Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Greg got the chance to hold his new daughter this afternoon. Here is Maddie singing to Kathryn!!

Here is Greg and the girls!!

Here is a closeup of Kathryn!! Check out how big she looks!!

She also went up to 19 ccs of formula and if she tolerates three feedings of that, she will move up to 20 ccs this afternoon at 5pm. She also went down on her hyperal and lipids today and if all goes well, we may be off of those tomorrow!! We also got a big surprise today, Kathryn is now up to big girl panties and is finally wearing preemie diapers (no more cuddle buns!!) Preemie diapers are still tiny in the grand scheme of things, but to us they are huge and they are still big on Kathryn, but she wet through one of her cuddle buns today, so they moved her up to big girl panties!!

And a new picture of Maddie from church today . . .


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Amy Morgan said...

Wow! Madelyn is a beautiful girl! I'm so glad Kathryn is doing so well on her feedings. Progress is a wonderful thing!