Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mom's first post

So, here is the first post from the new mom! Wow - what a week!! Last Saturday morning, Greg brought me to the hospital for "observation." A week and a day later, I am still here! I know the rest of the world has gone on around me, but my world has been limited to a few small rooms, lab tests every 4 hours, little to no sleep, medications, an operating room, a wonderful new little girl, the NICU, family, friends, and fabulous doctors and nurses. I can honestly say that we have had some wonderful moments and some really emotional ones. Prayer has always been a part of mine and Greg's marriage, but this past week, it has not only sustained us, but carried us from one moment to the next.

The day of Kathryn's birth, I was very scared and suddenly in the pre-op waiting room, I felt 1000 hands supporting me and Kathryn. I know that was all the prayers!! Please keep them up!!!
Kathryn is such a blessing to Greg, Madelyn and I, but she has such a long road ahead. Please pray for us, pray for Kathryn, pray for her nurses and specifically for her doctors (Dr. Mena, Dr. DeCarlo, and Dr. Strange).

Kathryn is 4 days old today!!!!!! Now for an update on Kathryn:
I visited with her a lot today. I think I saw her 4 or 5 times today and still plan to go down before I fall asleep to tell her goodnight (although it's already 10:00 pm)!!!! She switched yesterday to a new breathing machine called The Jet. It looks a lot scarier, but is actually a more gentle breathing machine for her. She has been on and off of light therapy for her billiruben levels, but that's very typical and expected and certainly not a scary thing!! She had a "bath" last night and she was weighed again. Her birth weight of 400 grams (14 ozs) had increased to 490 grams (probably due to tubes, fluids and blood transfusions). Last night her weight was 410 grams - still a little above her birth weight, which is a wonderful thing to hear. (It's not like she has a lot of birth weight to lose!!) When I saw her this morning, she was "sleeping" and looked so relaxed. She actually sleeps just like her big sister with one hand by her head and one across her belly. Here are a few pictures of her nap (she had moved her hand from across her belly by the time I took the pictures):

Also, Maddie's boyfriend and "future husband"(as the two of them say), came to visit today. Alex Redmond brought his family, along with new baby brother Jacob (born Monday, July 23, 2007) to visit. Alex's mom, Angie, is not only our friend, but the girls' pediatrician, so she was able to view Kathryn through the glass box today. Here is a picture of Maddie and Alex. Aren't they a cute pair?

I'll try to write each time we have news about the girls!! We'll keep you posted on Kathryn's progress and Madelyn's transition to big sister and all around big girl!! (By the way, Madelyn starts pre ballet this week for a 6 week class.) Boy, they sure grow up fast!! Please pray for Kathryn tonight and every day!!

Love, Kelly

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Dad...

Well, today dad turns 33, or as Maddie says I am twice as old as her because she is only one three. We had a nice barbeque picnic last night here in the hospital room for my birthday. Maddie and I even got to play SuperBoy and SuperGirl (capes and all) after the picnic. But the best birthday I could ever hope for was getting to hold Kathryn's hand a few minutes ago for the first time since she was born. I am attaching two pictures the first of my birthday present, and the second of Mom and Kathryn holding hands for the first time also. As you will see she is another Daddy's girl as she opened her eye to see whose hand she was holding. Also this will give a little better perspective on how her size is in comparison.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Hey Mom Look I think I am going to have blonde hair!!! Maybe I can have curls like big sister too!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Update Central...

First and foremost I have to say thank you to all of our friends, & family, and everyone along the way that that has put our family in their thoughts and prayers the last seven days. I speak for Kelly, Madelyn, Kathryn, and myself when I say that we have truly felt all of your prayers and support through this difficult week. Many have offered up continuous prayers on our behalf for comfort, peace, strength, health, joy, and many others that we may not even know of. This is a week that I can honestly say that it is the grace of God that we have survived as well as we have. THANK YOU ALL FOR THIS PEACE AND STRENGTH...

Now on to what everyone wants to know....

Kathryn was born on Wednesday evening at 5:01 PM. She weighed 14 ounces (not a typo) and is 11 inches long. She was immediately put on a ventilator to assist in her breathing and has been monitored very close since she was born. As of right now the doctors have been very pleased with her progress. It is still early and she has a long way to go before we will feel better about her health, but for the most part right now she continues to be stable, and is not experiencing and major complications. Here are a few pictures of her so you can see our new little girl... (by the way the pictures can be a little deceiving as to how small she really is) I think that you will agree with us after seeing these that she is nothing short of a miracle and is physical proof that God continues to work in our lives every day.

Kelly is continuing to improve following the delivery. Her lab results are returning to normal ranges and her blood pressure is continuing to get better. It may take a day or two more to get it under control a little more but things are progressing well. We will continue to be in the hospital likely through Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We have been able to visit Kathryn on a regular basis and Kelly is now free of all wires, probes, IV's, etc. so she is much more mobile. She will likely be told to start walking more over the weekend in anticipation of going home.

Maddie is ecstatic that she is a big sister and has already brought Kathryn a bear to keep her company and is singing her lullabies, and giving her kisses and hugs through the glass. She is ready for Kathryn to grow a little more so that she can hold her and give her a bottle soon. Here is a picture of Mommie and Maddie relaxing together in the hospital.

Thank you all again for all of the love and support this past week. We have felt every last prayer that has been offered up for our family. Please continue to pray for Kathryn and Kelly to heal and get stronger. We will continue to update this site as the weeks go on... Thank you all again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Madelyn and Greg hanging out

Maddie and Dad share popcorn.

Madelyn takes Kathryn to the Braves Game

We went to the Braves game this past weekend with Grammie and Grandad Ellis. It was Kathryn's first time (and Madelyn's too). Madelyn had cotton candy and enjoyed doing the wave.

Friday, July 6, 2007

One more picture of Kathryn!!

She looks like she is smiling!!

Announcing Baby Kathryn Bryan Ellis

Our ultrasound showed that Madelyn will have a baby sister!!! Check her out!! Her name will be Kathryn Bryan Ellis.