Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 90 - Monday, October 22

Sorry for the less frequent posting, but my work blocked the website so the only chance I have to post is at home and we are rarely home and when we are, it's non-stop! Kathryn had a good steady day at the NICU. She is up to 22 ccs of formula and loving every minute of it - her residuals are tiny, if any. She also came off of her hyperal and lipids today so probably by Friday she will have her PICC line out. They made some vent setting changes today, but i don't know that machine well enough to describe the changes. They do say however, that the vent settings she is on are fairly moderate. She is also holding steady at 3 pounds, 1 ounce. We had some new friends over for dinner - other parents we have met at the NICU. Other than that, just a calm day at our house!!!!!

Please pray for Kathryn!


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Sara Blakeney said...

Hi Ellis Family! We are so thrilled to continue to hear about Kathryn's progress! God is so good! Please know we continue to pray for you and let us know if you need anything at anytime!