Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 76 - Monday 10/08 - Happy Birthday Pawpaw

Well, I do believe that yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a long while!!!

We attended church yesterday morning and had a great Sunday School class. We then went to the hospital to see Kathryn and she was doing fine - I posted the pictures of her in her purple bow!! Then we had lunch at Jason's Deli and then picked up Madelyn's cake at Publix. A beautiful cake by the way, compliments of my coworkers!! We then headed home for about 2 hours and then back towards Kid's Gym for Madelyn's birthday party. She and her friends had a ball!!! There was so much for them to do and they thoroughly enjoyed playing hard!!! Here are some individual pictures of the party!!

Maddie and the Cake!!


Playing tug of war with Kyle!

Waiting for cake!Blowing out the candles!!

Maddie's present from Greg and I!!

After the party, we went to Nini and Pawpaw's to celebrate Pawpaw's birthday with BBQ and more cake!!! Pawpaw is a young spring chicken - and his birthday is actually today!! Happy Birthday Pawpaw!! We opened Madelyn's presents at their house and she got lots of great new toys and clothes and fun girl things!! She got purses, a watch, some clothes, board games, play sets, markers, etc. Greg and I gave her a bike and she was so excited!!!

After being at Nini and Pawpaw's house, Maddie begged to spend the night because cousins Dalton and Olivia were staying the night!! She ended up staying there and Greg and I went to the hospital for a visit. Imagine our surprise when they were preparing for Kathryn's very first bath just as we walked in!!! Babies in the NICU have to be 1200 grams before they can have a real bath with soap and water and Kathryn had just hit 1210 grams (which is 2 lbs, 11 ozs by the way!!) Can we get a "Yea!!!" from the crowd for our HUGE baby!!!!! Well, anyway, Greg and I got to see the bath and here are a few pictures . . . .

She really loves her pacifier but you have to old it for her because of the vent tube and her feeding tube.
All dressed up with no where to go!! What is a girl to do?

She is also now 14 inches long and is up to 7.5 ccs per feed. She is just having a good week!!!
Today we went to the zoo with Dalton and Olivia and Madelyn's Aunt Jenn and then had lunch before they headed back home. I have the day off because it's Columbus Day - the joys of working in banking!!
We are headed to Sumo Japanese restaurant tonight for Pawpaw's birthday dinner. Maddie's first time at the "fire" restaurant, she says. What a busy week and it's only Monday!!
Please keep praying for Kathryn!! Your prayers are bringing her through this week!!

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