Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 96 - Sunday October 28

Quick rundown of the weekend's events:

Friday night, Greg, Maddie and I went for a visit with Kathryn
Saturday - Greg's parents and brother came for a visit. We went to the zoo, to the hospital to visit, and then to dinner to watch the first part of the Auburn game - WAR EAGLE!
Sunday - we had Sunday School, then the hospital (I got to hold), back to church for the fall festival and then on to bible study til 8 pm

It was a fast weekend and we look forward to a busy week again and then hopefully some serious resting and relaxing next weekend. October has completely kicked our butts, but I hope November is a little calmer.

Kathryn is now considered a feeder and a grower - what great news!! She is at 20 ccs Neocate and 6 of Similac Special Care. They will continue decreasing the Neocate by two each day and increasing the Similac by two until she is fully on Similac - we hope that the switcheroo goes that well!! We also hope that they may start weening the pressure support on her ventilator this week so that we can tell that blue machine to take a hike soon and welcome the C-Pap mask!!

Please pray for lung development and toleration of the formula switchup!!


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