Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 85 - Wednesday, October 17 - POUND CAKE

Well, as you can tell by the title, we hit 3 pounds last night!!! (Actually it is 1360 grams and if you do a converter on Google that equals 2.998286766 pounds - but I will count that as 3 pounds, because technically it rounds up to 3 pounds - plus 1361 grams actually equals three pounds and that is close enough for me!!)

I am taking Lemon pound cake tonight - last time, we did Cinnamon pound cake!! She is also up to 14.5 ccs per feed and a lot of times lately, she has absolutely NO residual! (One starvin' marvin'!!) She also had a little interesting night last night. Evidently, her blood gases from her labs were much higher than what Dr. Dicarlo liked so they decided to do some ventilator tweaking!! Guess what they tweaked? They tweaked the jet ventilator off - that's right, they turned it off!!!!!!! (She may go back on it if she needs to, but for right now, we have kicked one machine to the curb!!!!!!) - Well, maybe like we moved it away from her bed by three inches, but to me that's wonderful!! I was a little apprehensive about it today because the nurses couldn't really tell me if they consider it a set back or a good thing. I have come to the thought process of, one less machine has to be a good thing, right??!! That means that the conventional vent is a little higher settings right now than it was, but it will be compensating for two vents where there is now one!!

Anyway, what else for our family? I am finally starting to recover(I think) from my bacteria infection after 4 weeks and 6 rounds of medication. Greg is feeling better from his doctor visit last Friday. Madelyn had to go to the doctor today (meaning I missed work). She woke in the night at 2:30 (AM - whew, I am tired!!) with a fever of 104.4 and we were worried that we needed to take her to the ER. Her doctor's nurse said that as long as we could get her fever down by one full degree in an hour, they could wait to see her today. We got it down to 102 by 4 am, so I took her this morning. After a throat culture and a blood stick, they determined that she has strep throat, so she then got a shot for that. The nurse said that she was giving Madelyn marshmallows in her leg (the medicine was thick and white). Madelyn has sense determined that putting marshmallows in your leg hurts!! Anyway, she has to stay out of school tomorrow and can return on Friday. She already acts as if she feels a little better.

Please continue to pray for Kathryn. Pray for good results from her eye surgery (she has her checkup on Friday), pray for good feedings, pray for relaxed breathing and good toleration of the one ventilator, and pray for some more weight gain!! Pray also for Dr. Dicarlo, Dr. Strange, and Dr. Mena and all the nurses.

My grandmother's birthday is tomorrow and she will be 88.



Trey said...

What great news! We pray for Kathryn everyday and we can't wait to meet her. Give Maddie a hug - we hope the marshmallows help her feel better!

Have a great day!

Elyse said...

We pray for you guys daily. I'm so glad Kathryn is doing so well. We love you! Elyse and Brian Corbitt

Angie Redmond said...

Way to go, Kathryn! We are praying for you and your family all the time. You are awesome!
I can't wait to play with you!