Friday, October 5, 2007

Day 73 - Friday October 5

Yesterday Kathryn did really well back on her feeds. They paused them for a brief moment yesterday morning because she had some residual in the morning, but then after an x-ray review from Dr. Strange, they said to go ahead. She seemed to tolerate her feeds well for the day and Nurse Ginny took very good care of her. They had to give her a baby suppository to encourage another dirty diaper and evidently this one did not concern Dr. Strange like the one the other day that had worried Dr. Dicarlo! So off we go with feeds!!

We upped last night to 4.5 ccs and Nurse Mindy said this morning that she did great last night with the feeds and had very little residual. Kathryn is probably thinking, "hey, where's my other two ccs?" Mindy also said that she did very well with her sats last night and hardly dipped from the 90's!!!! Overall a really stable day.

She is still weighing around 2 lbs 6 ozs or 2 lbs 7 ozs and as the feeds increase this week, we hope that does too!!

Last night during our visit, Dr. Strange came by and "stated positive facts" and said she was pleased with Kathryn's day and that we are feeding again. She said we are feeding nervously because we don't want to cause NEC, but we have to feed. She said we just pray really hard this week that Kathryn keeps doing well with the feeds!! So prayer warriors, please pray for Kathryn's tummy and pray that she can digest what she receives and grow big and strong. Dr. Strange said that she is off for a week now and she hopes to see some big differences when she is back. So asked what we could pray for specifically. She said that to be able to increase 1 cc per day would be super and that if she could see Kathryn at 10 -12 ccs per feed in a week, she would be tickled!! So there is our specific prayer - each day we would love for Kathryn to tolerate her feeds and be able to accept another cc of formula per feed with little to no problems!!! Can you pray that with us?

While Dr. Strange was with us, Maddie asked her for a birthday present. In the NICU, they only allow mom and dad to touch babies this small. And Madelyn asks all the time if she can touch Kathryn. So she asked Dr. Strange if she could have that as a birthday present. If you could ever meet Dr. Strange, you would know what a huge deal it is that she said yes to Madelyn. She even told Mindy to write it as an order for next Wednesday night on Madelyn's 4th birthday that she be able to touch her baby sister. What an amazing gift!!

Well, better run for the day. I meet with Dr. Kennedy today to see what is going on with me. I have been feeling not so well for about the last three weeks and hopefully today they can find out what is going on. I'll update later.

And by the way, I wanted to share that I work with some really amazing and thoughtful people. I won't share with everyone what they did, but they know who they are!! I am certainly blessed!!

Please pray for Kathryn today and most importantly this week for her feeds. You know the needs, we want 1 new cc per day if we can. Most importantly, we want God's will, but I sorta hope he wants the same that we want!!


(By the way, Madelyn was in the Over the Mountain newspaper yesterday for being a part of her dentist's No Sugar Bug Club!!)

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