Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Day 71 - Wednesday, October 3

Yesterday, Kathryn had a diaper that concerned Dr. Dicarlo a little. Not to get too detailed, but it was a little off color, so they decided to be cautious. He mentioned to me yesterday afternoon that if he had any reason through the night to be concerned that he may suspend the feeding.

I talked with Nurse Mindy this morning around 5:45 and she said that they had suspended feeding last night. The concern is possibly an issue with NEC, but more so it sounds as if they want to be extra special careful so as not to cause it!! Mindy said that her belly looks good - it's not round, distended, or discolored, so that's a good sign. She did have some residual last night that made Dr. Dicarlo want to suspend the feedings. Mindy said that it was the ok kind of residual with a little bit of formula, but that with yesterday's odd diaper and the residual, Dr. Dicarlo just wanted to give it a little rest to make sure she wasn't having a problem.

I know that they took more x-rays this morning to see if they saw anything, but I don't know of results yet. I talked with Nurse Christy around 9am and she said that Dr. Strange may start feedings back this morning, but I will find out more around 12:00.

Please pray for Kathryn that she continues to accept the feedings!


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