Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 97 - Monday 10/29

No big changes for today - she is at 18 ccs Neocate and 8 of Similac.

Huge news for tomorrow!! They started Kathryn on steroids today is preparation for tomorrow's big event. I heard straight from Dr. Strange that they are extubating tomorrow!!!

Please pray that it works!! Greg and I plan to be there so we can hear our miracle baby for the first time!!



Kate said...

Praise the Lord!!! We will be praying vigilantly!

Amy Morgan said...

How wonderful! We will pray and pray and pray!

Trey said...

Great news!! We will definitely be praying and we can't wait to hear her sweet voice!

Ginny, Trey, and girls

Lurenda said...

What wonderful news!! Praise God, Kathryn is such a miracle baby!! We'll be praying for all of you.

Aunt Donna said...

God is good! Won't her first cry be the most beautiful thing in the world? Cousins Chase and Peyton love seeing the pictures of their baby cousins. Much love, Granny and Aunt Donna