Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 93 - Thursday 10/25 - Happy Three Monthday to Kathryn!

Happy Three Months to Kathryn!!

Kathryn hit 3 pounds, 3 ounces yesterday and then dropped a little to 3, 2 again last night, but that's normal. She is up to 26 ccs on her feed - inching in on that first whole ounce!! She also wore clothes again for the second day yesterday and looked adorable. Nurse Christy also knitted her a hat (an Maddie one just like it!). I have a picture of her with it, but don't have time to post it this morning. They started her on caffeine for her lungs since she is doing more of the breathing on her own now!! But our biggest news is that they are going to try to extubate her today!! That's right they are going to try taking her off the ventilator and put her on a C-Pap mask instead!! That's a huge step up!! No more tube down her throat which means that we might be able to start hearing her cry and make noise today!!

Please pray that she tolerates the extubation well and that she takes to the C-Pap. We really want to get rid of the ventilator!!! I will update more today as I can!! Greg and I are hoping to be at the hospital today after they do it to be able to see and hear her!! What music that will be!!


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