Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 79 - Thursday, October 11

Kathryn is up to 9 1/2 ccs per feed and seems to be tolerating it well. She is holding strong at 2 lbs, 11 ozs. As she goes up in her feeds, she is weening some on her Hyperal and her lipids, which is a good thing!!

Madelyn thoroughly enjoyed the hand holding experience last night. We videoed it and I have no idea how to post video, but if I can figure it out, I will share!

We met a new family tonight at the NICU that has a 23 1/2 week baby that was born at 1 pounds 3 ozs. Her husband asked us to talk with them and encourage his wife since we were in their shoes not too long ago. When I saw their little girl I could believe how tiny she looked and to think that Kathryn was smaller! They have a long way to go, we know!! The baby is named Kamora and the mom is Monifa. Mom and Dad have two older boys that look to be in elementary school and maybe the oldest is in Jr high. Dad is in the military and leaves in one week for a trip to the Middle East for one year! I asked if we could pray for them and she said absolutely!! I don't have a last name but please pray for Monifa, her husband, her two boys and little Kamora.

It just makes me realize that no matter how difficult your situation may seem, someone ALWAYS has it harder than you do!!!

Please pray for Kathryn, and the rest of us!!


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