Friday, September 26, 2008


So I am writing this post at work because I am officially brain dead and will be leaving work (for the week) in a little while anyway! So what has the Ellis Family been up to this week you ask . . . . what have we not, I answer. Monday Greg and I were on the lunchtime version of the ABC local news talking about the Breakfast for Babies event this week to raise money for the March of Dimes. I did not actually see the clip, but several folks tell me they saw it. Tuesday, Maddie's school had a field trip to the Homewood Library and then we had her weekly soccer game that night. I don't think her team won, but the kids have so much fun!! Each week at the end of the game when they ask who won, we keep telling them that both teams keep winning. So far, they have not caught on yet!! Wednesday morning, Greg left on a business trip to Washington DC, Kathryn had physical therapy and Maddie had choir. Greg was due back from DC last night around 6:30 and this is what happened to change that:

2:30 EST he called to say that he had made it to the airport but the flight would be an hour late 3:30 EST he called to say that his flight had been cancelled and they were trying to figure out how to get them home
4:15 EST he called to say that he was on a flight leaving at 5:20 to NJ that would then turn around to get him home to Birmingham (go figure)
5:30 EST he called to say that they had gotten on the plane to find that the flight had been delayed until 5:40 but that now due to rain, they were going to have to sit in the plane on the runway until they could take off at
7 something EST he called to say that he had finally gotten to NJ and that he should be leaving sometime after 8:00 headed home
11:15 CST - he makes it home to find me, Maddie, and Kat all in our room asleep. He carries Madelyn in her room.
2:15 am we wake to Maddie crying who has thrown up in her bed (she says that she just coughed too hard??)
4:15 alarm goes off to get up for the Breakfast for Babies event this morning at Chappy's Deli

The breakfast went well this morning - it was very early and dark out when we started at 6:00am!!!!! We were interviewed on the local Fox station at 6:15 - here is a link to check it out - notice that we are a bit tired!

So tonight we have some friends staying with the girls so we can attend a Sunday school function. It's a wine tasting event and I am certain that I am sleepy enough to fall asleep BEFORE they even pass out the wine samples. I believe that Saturday and Sunday will include some large amounts of rest as we gear up for next week!!

We have Maddie's birthday spend the night party in just one week - I can NOT believe that my baby is going to be 5 years old!!

Wishing you a restful weekend and praying for one at my house!!

Faithfully, Kelly

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More words, officially crawling, and TV appearances

So Kathryn is official crawling. Mind you, she is not a speed demon by any means, but she goes all over the den floor now!! She also has perfected da-da and she loves to call Greg from across the room and then she gets tickled when she succeeds and gets his attention! Much to Greg's dismay however, she also gets my attention and Maddie's attention by calling us da-da too!

Gotta run, Greg and I are giving testimony in church services this morning and we will be on the noonday news on ABC3340 tomorrow. We are speaking tomorrow on behalf of an upcoming event next Friday called Breakfast for Babies in benefit of the March of Dimes. As you may remember, we are the ambassador family for the Blue Jeans for Babies event in Birmingham coming up in November. This coming Friday there will be a $6 breakfast at Chappy's Deli that benefits the March of Dimes as well. We are being interviewed tomorrow about the event and how March of Dimes has touched our lives. We will also be at the breakfast on Friday so we hope to see you there. Email us if you would like more details!

Faithfully, Kelly

Lucky me!!

I was fortunate enough last night to get to see Jim Brickman in concert at the Hoover Library. It was a very small setting and very neat to get to see him play. Greg kept the girls and I went with my mom and two of her friends!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

First words, Pizza, and Gas

Kathryn said her first word last weekend - she is now a huge proponent of "Bye-Bye!" Our nanny, Miss Cheryl taught her that and low and behold it was her first word. She has since moved on to the occasional "da-da" and of course who gets left out in the cold as the last word spoken (again), but ma-ma! (Can you tell that Maddie said da-da first too?) I am trying to reassure myself that da-da must be easier to say!

Maddie came home from school on Friday and told me that they had pizza for lunch and that she had brought some home for me. I am looking at my dear thoughtful almost 5 year old like "yeah right" when I look into her school bag to find a gallon sized zip lock baggie with a styrofoam plate holding a large slice of lunchroom style cheese pizza. I turn around to tell Maddie thank you and am slapped in the face with the world's largest grin and Maddie says, "I love you mommy!" She said that they got two pieces of pizza each and she didn't want her second one, but she didn't know if I had eaten lunch so she asked her teacher if she could bring it home to mom. I didn't eat it, but what an adorable thought!! Madelyn has such a kind heart!

Friday afternoon I was feeding Kathryn and about halfway through her bottle she rared back and pushed the bottle away. I am the self proclaimed Nazi baby feeder because I desperately want my tiny tot to grow, so of course I shove it back in her mouth and she again pushes it away. I can't figure out why she is being so ornery as Kathryn continues to squirm in my arms. After a few seconds, she lets out the largest poot I have heard from that small of an individual and then get this . . . she laughs. The little devil actually thought that passing gas was funny!!

I love being a mom. Faithfully, Kelly

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Soccer Game

Madelyn and her friends had a great time at their first soccer game. The girls played so well and went head to head with the boys. I was so proud of Maddie!! Her team wears burgundy jerseys and they picked their name tonight, so we are now routing for the Red Strikers!! Here is a quick picture or two from the game!!

Here are a couple of other photos too from the last few days. The first one is of Kat this past Saturday. She was all dressed up in her Auburn gear and I was changing her cannula and stickers so I snapped a photo of her without both - doesn't she look beautiful without them!!
This next one is of Kathryn in her new dress that our dear friend Kate made for her!! It looks just adorable on her!! Thanks Kate for making it. (Here she is showcasing her ability to go from lying on her back to getting back up to sitting - you heard me right!! - And Daphne, you won't believe how she does it!)

Here is one of Maddie and Kathryn snuggling in Kathryn's crib.

Kathryn's new favorite way to play. She thinks her toy bucket is an excellent hat!! (And she thinks that it is very funny to put it on her head.)

Last but not least, a new video of the girls playing in Kathryn's crib. Kathryn thought that this was very funny. Turn up your sound and listen to the giggles!!

Faithfully, Kelly

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Camping, First Day of School, & First Soccer Practice

We had a wonderful time camping this weekend. It was very nice weather and the girls and Greg and I enjoyed being outside all weekend. We got up to the campground on Friday afternoon and got our stuff set up while we waited for Nini and Pawpaw to arrive that evening. (The camper was already there!!) We enjoyed a weekend full of fishing, relaxing, swimming, football, and enjoying some really great camping food like wings, hotdogs, and steaks!! The campground was just outside of Gadsden so only about a 45 minute ride for us!! The van looked like we were leaving for weeks (concentrator and oxygen will do that to you), but after two nights we were headed home Sunday afternoon!!

When we got home, we decided that Sunday and Monday (Labor Day) would be great days to finally tackle some outdoor projects we have wanted to do such as putting up lattice around the base of the deck and tilling/seeding a part of our backyard. Well you can sense what happened next, it ended up that Greg did all the work because someone had to watch Kathryn (who by this point was a little put out with the idea of spending anymore time outside). Poor Greg spent all Sunday afternoon and Monday from 8 am til 5pm working so hard and he finished!! It looks so great - I really do wish that I had been able to help!

Tuesday I had one more day away from work and Maddie had her school tea in the morning. It was so nice to get her back to school and seeing all of her friends! She seemed so excited to see everyone. Here is a picture of her on her first day back to school!

Tuesday night, Greg and I had to split up for events! It was parent orientation at Maddie's school so off goes mom to that at 6:00 and at the same time was the first soccer practice for Maddie (Greg got that duty). (And Kathryn stayed home with Nini!) Here are some pictures from her first soccer practice.

Let me just say that I love her new teacher this year. Miss Cassie seems just great! She is very detailed and organized which is right up my alley!! They are going to learn so much this year in 5K - they are scheduled for math, spanish, phonics, writing, reading, etc. They have homework every week, fieldtrips every month, and tons of neat things that they will do in the classroom to learn responsibilities. I can't wait to see how much she grows this year!!

I'll leave you with some random pictures from our house lately - sorry it's been so long since I have posted pictures!!

Faithfully! Kelly