Monday, July 28, 2008




Love, Maddie and Kat

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Birthday Weekend

We had a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating Kathryn's first birthday!! Here's a recap:

Friday - Kathryn and I spent some time together just the two of us on her birthday morning while Greg was at work and Madelyn at gymnastics camp. She and I then took a little trip to the Brookwood NICU where it all started and we were able to see many of the nurses and Dr. DiCarlo. He was so amazed at how big she is. Kat and I picked up Maddie from camp and had lunch with Nini - just the girls (which was very nice)! Friday afternoon, Greg and I took the girls to have professional photos made and they turned out incredible. (I'll try to share a few in the next few days!) Friday night, Greg and I and the girls had dinner out with Nini and Pawpaw to celebrate Kathryn's birthday at Firebirds.

On Friday Kathryn received many birthday phone calls from Nini and Pawpaw, Uncle Beau, Aunt Brit, Uncle Eric, Nana, Pops, our dear friend Nurse Ginny, our sweet nanny Miss Cheryl, ans so many of our close friends. It was so nice to hear from everyone who remembered Kathryn on her very first birthday!!

Saturday - We spent lunch time with our dear friends, the Redmonds, for Jacob's first birthday. Many may know that Alex Redmond and Madelyn plan to marry one day, so Greg and I have decided, along with the Redmonds, that Kathryn and Jacob will marry in the same ceremony. Much cheaper that way and much easier since both children have the same set of inlaws!! (And we really enjoy spending time with the Redmonds, so that makes holidays very easy!!)

Saturday evening we had Kathryn's first birthday party. We were very fortunate to have a house full of people! We shared our evening with college friends, the Mungers and Sawyers; new friends, the Redmonds, the Anglins, and the Randalls, our nanny Miss Cheryl and her husband William, and family of Nini and Pawpaw, Nana, my Aunt Dahl and her roommate and about 10 children!! It was a wonderful celebration of the last year with Kathryn and of Greg's birthday tomorrow!!

Sunday, as you can imagine, was a wind down day from the weekend festivities! We were all very tired but we enjoyed every bit of our celebration and our time with dear sweet friends and with wonderful family!

We look forward, with anticipation, to what the next year holds for our family!!

Faithfully, Kelly

Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Kathryn!!!!

What a difference a year makes!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Eve

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet Kathryn!
I wanted to take some time tonight to think about how I felt this time last year on the eve of Kathryn's birthday. Of course this time last year I didn't know that tomorrow would be her birthday. What I felt was extreme pain, a throb in my head that sounded like someone pounding on a drum, a thump in my heart that felt like someone jumping up and down, and the buzz of several nurses and family members when my blood pressure elevated so much that they were concerned I would have a stroke. Throughout the night, the doctors and nurses monitored me constantly. I was fairly knocked out on pain medication. Over the next 24 hours we experienced God's grace and the prayers of many friends and family.

The next morning, July 25th, 2007, they started my magnesium sulfate (or mag sulfate to my fellow pre-eclampsia mothers) around mid morning. The first thing I told Greg when they mentioned the drug was that they must be considering delivery because that was what I had received prior to Madelyn's birth as well. He assured me that it must be precautionary, but my worst fears were that they were preparing us for Kathryn’s birth. I say worst fears because our meetings with the neonatologists up to that point had been very grim. I mean it’s their job to inform us that babies born this early have very strong possibilities of brain hemorrhages, feeding concerns, lung concerns, and fear of infection. So, as bullet proof as I wanted to feel, I was terrified!

Greg later told me that he knew early that day when they started the mag that they were planning for delivery later that afternoon, but that he couldn’t worry me. I spent the afternoon in pain, anticipation, and fear and then at 3:00, Dr. Kennedy said that she could no longer wait to deliver or it would endanger both of us.

Around 4:45 they took me back to the delivery room and prepared for delivery and a few minutes before they started Greg came in to the Operating Room. I remember feeling so helpless, but I also remember feeling like I was floating. I think that I knew that feeling was the prayers that were surrounding our family of three, soon to be four.

Kathryn Bryan Ellis was born at 5:01 pm on Wednesday July 25, 2007 at 14 ounces and she was beautiful. Greg said she was moving and she made a small cry before they bagged her and then rushed her to the NICU. I’ll never forget the first time I visited her in the NICU as they wheeled me in still lying in my hospital bed. I was amazed at how tiny she was.

On the eve of Kathryn’s first birthday, I can’t believe the last year of our lives. We have experienced a miracle. Madelyn and Kathryn adore each other. Greg and I have grown stronger in our marriage and the four of us have a bond that is untouchable. We thank everyone who has prayed for us!

Please send up prayers

Today is the day one of our NICU friends is having her colostomy reversed. Please pray for Addie and her parents and that everything will go just perfectly!! I know that they are ready to move past this chapter!!


Monday, July 21, 2008

Gymnastics Camp,Where do Babies Come From, and the Mystery Curve

Gymnastics Camp:

Maddie started gymnastics camp today and she said that there were two girls in her class that were sassy and popular and weren't nice. I asked her what popular meant and she said, "not sharing, not nice to you, and just mean." Hmmmmm. . . .

Where do babies come from:
She also told Greg and I tonight how babies happen - she said that you ask God for a baby in your tummy and you get one. Then you wait lots of weeks for it to get bigger and then your tummy hurts. Then your doctor says it's time to get your baby and you go to the hospital and they cut your tummy and reach in and get the baby. Then they rinse it off and give it back to you and you both stay in the hospital until you aren't sick and then you go home. So, Greg and I asked how long does the baby stay at the hospital and I kid you not, Maddie said, "ummm, like 16 weeks." Well, I guess in our family that's not inaccurate!

The Mystery Curve:

Maddie kept asking me for help in how to write the mystery curve. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then she tried to draw it for me and I realized what she was drawing - ? So, a question mark is also called a mystery curve.

She is so smart. It's great learning through a child's mind!!


One Year Ago Today

I was admitted to the hospital around 6:30 am for Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). Little did we know that we would meet Kathryn in just 4 more days!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Only one more week . . .

til Kathryn is one year old!!! I absolutely can not believe it has been a year almost.

We have a busy week coming up. Next week Maddie has gymnastics camp and private swim lessons. Kathryn has physical therapy, Greg has a day trip to Tuscaloosa and a second day trip to Memphis, I am working and getting ready for the birthday party and then we are taking the girls for some professional photos next Friday on Kathryn's birthday. It will be Kathryn's first time! I can't wait to see how they turn out!!

Have a wonderful weekend - we sure plan to!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Good and the Bad

The bad news first . . .

Kathryn had a temperature today as high as 102.9.

The good news . . .

Because of the temperature, the doctor wanted to see her and he said it looks like a viral infection - no big deal. But, as a result of being in his office, he weighed her . . . say hello to our 12 pound, 11 ounce Kathryn!!

Oh and the United Way Video Shoot went well today. Thanks for your prayers!!


Saturday, July 12, 2008

United Way Video Shoot for Regions

Ok, so my United Way Video Shoot for Regions is this coming Tuesday at 1:00. Please pray that the right message comes through so that the right purse strings will be tugged!!

We made it through with Greg gone this time and no major incidents!! All is well and Greg will be home today!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I noticed both of these pictures recently and the girls were wearing the same outfit - 4 years apart!! How much they look alike!!

Kathryn's first 4th of July!

Maddie's first 4th of July! (same outfit)

What's been happening at our house . . . .

Well, I finally was able to schedule an appointment to have my massage that Greg gave me for Valentine's Day (and it was wonderful)!!! Valentine's in June - who would have thought. Other than that, we have had a relatively uneventful two weeks. Maddie finished up zoo camp in June and then had a week at home with Kathryn and Miss Cheryl. We all celebrated the Fourth with our friends, the Rains, and watched the fireworks in Birmingham. It was a nice, quiet, long weekend. Nini and Pawpaw were out of town for the weekend and they returned on Sunday. The girls were so thrilled to see them (and Greg and I too!!)

Greg is headed today to Baltimore, so I am praying for several days of quiet around here. I am certainly hoping for no major events!! Maddie is in swimming lessons this week and next and she enjoyed her first class yesterday!! We are also looking forward this weekend to Uncle Beau (my brother),Aunt Britt, and cousin Reed coming to visit this weekend. We haven't seen them in quite a while and we can't wait to let Reed and Kathryn play together!!

Kathryn also has new tricks - she can sit up for a minute or so unassisted, she holds 88-90 on her oxygen sats without her canula (a huge improvement!!!), and she has taken to blowing raspberries with her mouth - which is wonderful except when her mouth is full of baby food!!

Here are a few pictures of the girls recently!!

Hope that you all had a great 4th of July!!