Sunday, November 18, 2007


The new bed

Daddy's first feed
Mommy's first feed
The family
Maddie with her sister
Maddie looking at Kathryn

Maddie kissing KathrynMy girls


Amy Morgan said...

Can you believe this time is finally here? I am so excited each time I check this website. Congratulations!

jodi said...

God is so good....I cannot wait to meet Kathryn some day and give hugs to all of you.

Aunt Donna said...

Great-Granny Ellis has already said that if she were there, she'd better be one of the ones to hold Kathryn - or she'd turn someone over her checkered apron! God is so good - sometimes his blessings almost take my breath away. Love to all!

Libby Morgan said...

I cannot get over the pictures of Maddie and Kathryn. Both of your girls are just too cute!

Congrats on Kathryn's new bed! That's awesome!

Chad, Amy and Grace said...

You don't know me but I found your blog through another person's blog that I keep up with. I check your blog at least every other day to check to see how Kathryn is doing. Today's post with your oldest holding her brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to have that day. I will continue to pray for Kathryn's strength and the hope that you may be able to bring her home by Christmas!