Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 127 - Tuesday, November 27

Ok so here is a little more news - I was excited and tired last night so I posted a small blip. Dr. Mena called for a pulmonologist consult to see about her lungs. It appears that every other part of her is ready to go home except her lungs and since we can't take her home and leave those at Brookwood until they are better, we are trying a different route of treatment. They upped her oxygen to a low flow 100% and they are giving her .5 liters of help (she was on 2 liters of help at 50-60% of oxygen). The new mixture is actually easier on her lungs and is an amount she could go home on. Her consult with the pulmonologist is Wednesday afternoon and provided that he says things look good for home care, she will probably start her countdown to come home. Dr. Mena said last night that when they start this route of treatment, provided no issues arise, the babies are usually home in one to two weeks. He said that he wouldn't send her home over a weekend, but would probably be prepared to do so by the 10th.

They have so much to set up for us with oxygen, monitors, home health care (possibly) and all the normal discharge procedures! We will have to do the car seat test and the video for CPR. Dr. Mena says that if babies go home on oxygen, it is usually for about 6 months to a year at a maximum - but I'll be praying for sooner!!! It all sounds a little daunting to go through, but really all she will have is her little nasal cannula and a portable kit for car rides and an oxygen tank for home!! (And maybe a few medicines - I think right now she is on two!!)

I was shocked yesterday to say the least. I really can't believe that she could be home soon. I had just resolved myself to the fact that it would probably by late December or early January. This is absolutely wonderful news!!

Please pray for Kathryn!



Kate said...

Praise the Lord!!! I know that it seemed like this time would never come, but here you are! How absolutely amazing and wonderful. Prayers all around!!

holaskm said...

What a wonderful Lord we have! What wonderful news! We will definitely continue to pray!
Love, The Randalls

Lurenda said...

Wow! What fabulous news!! Our prayers are being answered before our very eyes. Praise God!! We will continue praying everyday.