Sunday, November 11, 2007

Day 110 - Sunday, November 11

Well, Kathryn is due in two days. I can't believe that this is how long I would have carried her. How do people carry a baby this long?? (Honestly, I wish I could have found out!!)

Kathryn is doing great. She is doing well breathing on her own with a little support from the cannula. Her issue right now is eating. She can't seem to gain any weight and the doctors are trying all kinds of creative things with her. She is up to 18 ccs of Neocate and 10 of Enfamil 24 calorie plus 2 ccs of microlipids and still staying pretty stagnant. I say give her more food - she may using everything that they are giving her! Anyway, they decide the amount of food based on her weight so that is why they aren't changing the amount yet, because she can't seem to gain. Pray specifically that she can start to pack on some ounces!!

Other news at our house: Madelyn's long time Beta fish friend, Joe, passed away Friday morning. He had been a beloved family member for a little over two years and he was such a good fish. Friday was Madelyn's picture day at school so we didn't tell her that morning, but when she came home Friday afternoon, we told her what had happened. She wanted to bury Joe and tell Jesus to take good care of him, so Friday afternoon at about 4:30, Greg dug a hole in one of our front flower beds and buried him. The three of us gave Joe a proper burial and then headed to Petsmart to bring home a new Beta. Maddie now has Buster the Blue Beta and she has taken to him well.

An update on Kathryn from this afternoon since I started this post this morning. She is now up to 18 ccs of Neocate and 12 of Enfamil and still 2 of the Microlipids. I think they are going with giving her more even though her weight says less. I am all for it!!! Also, they said that the bacteria cultures they did on the 8th are still showing no growth which is great so she may come off of the antibiotics!! Also, Dr. Mena said that Dr. Dicarlo is on for the next two days. Dr. Mena said that if Dr. Dicarlo doesn't try a bottle on Monday or Tuesday, then he will try the first bottle for Kathryn on Wednesday when he is back!! Bottles here we come!!

Please continue to pray for Kathryn!!


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Eric said...

Bottles? Wow! She's come such a long way. Can't wait to see a picture of y'all getting to feed her.

Uncle E