Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Day 106 - Wednesday, November 7

Kathryn had a stable night and day so far. She gained a little last night and is up to 3 pounds again. She is also seeming to enjoy the Enfamil. She is taking 26 ccs of Neocate and 4 ccs of Enfamil, plus 1 cc of microlipids to fatten her up!! So for right now, we are officially taking an ounce per feed!!

She seems to like the cannula and is much happier without a tube in her throat or a mask on her face. Other than these things, she is having a smooth ride right now!!

We also had another exciting event at our house last night. Maddie told Greg and I that she wants to save the rest of her nighttime pull-ups for Kathryn. So it was her idea, but she wanted to sleep in big girl panties last night to see if she could do it - and she DID!! So, hopefully, we are saying bye - bye to those things!! She has been needing to switch to panties at night for quite a while, but with everything at the hospital, it just wasn't a battle I wanted to fight yet. Seems to me that she wants Greg and I to know that she is growing up and totally becoming a big girl!! (Which of course makes me cry!!)

Please keep praying for Kathryn!! She is such a miracle!!


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