Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Day 120 - Tuesday, November 20

Well, Kathryn is up to 3 pounds, 8 1/2 ounces now and she loves to eat!!! She is doing well in the crib and continues to enjoy new holding experiences from the nurses, Greg and I, and big sister Madelyn. Madelyn talks to her, rocks her, and sings lullabies and Kathryn sats 96% and loves every second of it!! They did have to turn Kathryn back up to 2 liters on her Nasal Cannula (Fisher Paykel). She was needing more oxygen on the 1.5 liters so they didn't want to stress her out. Moving to a crib and getting all bottles is a big deal so they want to give her lungs some time to adjust. And just like with everything else, she should do better on her oxygen and breathing as she gains weight, so hopefully she will start to outgrow the need for the breathing help!! It seems like that will be her issue to overcome now as it seems like she is hitting some of her other milestones. She is just going to have a tougher time with her lungs (and she was on a ventilator for three months!!). I am going to be so careful with her when she is home. No one with colds can come around and the nurses have advised no smoke around her either!! I can definitely comply - I do not want to go back into the hospital with her (ever)!!!

Kathryn is doing great!!! She has a burp cloth now at her bedside that my mom got for her that says, I am a miracle!! How absolutely true is that!!

Please continue to pray for Kathryn!!


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