Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 117 -Saturday November 17

Well last night's weigh in showed Kathryn at 1610 grams which is 3 pounds, 9 ounces!!!! (40 more grams to go until she is eligible for an open air crib!!!) She is up to 22 ccs of Enfamil and 8 of Neocate as of yesterday so hopefully that will swing by 2 more ccs today. In a few days, we may be off of Neocate completely - that would be so great!! She is also still getting 2 ccs of fattener, although it isn't microlipids anymore, it's coconut oil. That's right oil - Kathryn appears to be getting some Crisco in her feeds to help fatten her up and it seems to be finally working!! She is also up to 3 bottle feeds a day as of yesterday, so today we might increase to 4 - who knows?? She absolutely loves the bottle!! She also loves being swaddled now - even in her isolette!

Isn't it funny how this week she hit her due date and now she is doing things that she should be doing like bottles and being swaddled? It's as if she knows that she is now supposed to be here!!All part of God's wonderful plan for her!!

Please pray for Kathryn!!


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Amy Morgan said...

I hope your nursery is ready at home because Kathryn is going to be there very soon! I'm so happy for you all!