Sunday, December 30, 2007

Singing the praises of Zicam cold swabs!! (and all about the rest of our weekend)

What a weekend. Of course the days kinda run together lately!! Thursday, Kathryn had her checkup at the pediatrician and showed weighing 5 ponds, 10 ounces. Then Thursday night we noticed that she had "goop" in her eyes, indicative of conjunctivitis. So the doctor called in some eye drops for her. Friday I had my annual checkup with my regular doctor and got a clean bill of health. We were very fortunate to receive two amazing dinners on Friday night from couples in our Sunday School class that we have eaten on all weekend!! Friday night Madelyn asked if she could spend the night with her Nini so we let her. They went to see the Water Horse movie and then went back to Nini and Pawpaw's house to watch Madelyn's new movie, Underdog!! During the night Friday night, she got sick at their house and threw up. (She is ok!) Meanwhile, at our house, Kathryn started to show signs of dropping her oxygen sats a little so we had to increase her oxygen again. We telephoned the doctors and they said that was alright but if we started to notice any other signs, call back. Well, about an hour later, at bottle time, she seemed very uninterested in eating and went almost 9 hours with no bottle. So we called back and our pediatrician wanted to see her.

After being seen in his office and getting an xray of her lungs at the hospital, they have determined that she seems to be ok and we will be seen on Wednesday of this week by our pulmonologist to see if they want to tweak any of her medicines. They did go ahead and up her albuterol treatments to 4 times daily. So hopefully after the pulmonology appointment we will know a little better.

Saturday night, Madelyn went to the Alabama basketball game with Nini and Pawpaw while Greg and I stayed here with Kathryn. Sunday morning, Maddie woke up to a significant cough and since we are all trying desperately at our house to stay well, I told her that medicine would be coming. Well, if you know us well, you know of the struggles that I have with her to take medicine. She will absolutely make herself throw up from taking medicines - and I have tried it all - liquid, chewables, thin strips, granules, etc. She throws them all up. Well, the pharmacist recommended Zicam cold swabs and Claritin for Kids. The cold swabs are little Q-tips with medicine that you put in each side of your nose 4 times daily and they are safe for kids 3 and up. They are amazing!!!!!!!! The Claritin is clear, but grape flavored (a parent's dream because at least if they throw up, it's clear) and you only have to give it once a day - Hallelujah!! Well, Madelyn is feeling much better, so I think we have found our medicine!

All in all it was a great weekend!!


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Aunt Donna said...

We received our "birth" announcement yesterday and were delighted with the picture of Kathryn. She sure does look like an Ellis! We can't wait to see her and Maddie in person and maybe even sneak a kiss or two! Much love, Aunt Donna and Granny