Thursday, December 13, 2007

Here we go again - Day 1 - Thursday, December 13

Well, Kathryn was readmitted to the hospital tonight. She continued to need the 1 L instead of .5 L which would have been no big deal on its own. I had numerous struggles throughout the day with Apria (the home health group) today and once we finally got all the right equipment and working properly, I noticed that her SATs were staying in the range of 87-92. Well, the doctors wanted her above 93. So in essence she would have required more oxygen to stay in the higher SATs. So I talked with Dr. Mena and he consulted both Drs. Dicarlo and Lozano (the pulmonologist) and they all agreed that she needed to be readmitted.

So at about 5:45 we trudged back to Brookwood NICU - the place we hoped we would never be again - and took Kathryn back to the hospital. They started her on antibiotics just to be on the safe side and took blood cultures to see if there is an infection. They don't think so, but they always check for that just in case. They also did a chest x-ray and her lungs looked very "wet". Just means that she was having trouble with them. They started her on Lasics again to help with that (it's a diuretic) and they put her back on vibro therapy every 3 hours and albuterol treatments every 6 hours. They think that this is just an issue with her lungs since she has Chronic Lung Disease from her very early birth and 3 months on the vents. She will have to stay for at least 3 days so Monday is the earliest she would come home, but they suggested that it could possibly go to Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.

She is eating wonderfully and seems to be doing well everywhere else, so they really think that this is simply a lung issue. I think that when she comes home next time, she will probably come home with albuterol treatments and lasics given at home.

Well, please pray for Kathryn!! (and Greg, Madelyn and I too) Maddie was devastated that we had to take Kathryn back - she said that she wants Kathryn to still live with us. She was in the tub when I told her and she got out (naked as a jaybird) and cried in my lap. (Of course, I cried with her!) Not that I am worried about Kathryn - she is in excellent hands and she is doing fine - but I hated having to take her back. Our house is really quiet tonight - no beeps, buzzers, or children. Just Greg and I. I miss the commotion!



Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

I was doing fine until I read the part about Madelyn's reaction. What a sweet big sister. Stay stong, Kathryn is a fighter and she will be home again before you know it.

Sydney & Bayley's Proud Mommy said...

Bless your hearts! Please know that you are ALL in my prayers.

Reese Elizabeth Collier said...
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Reese Elizabeth Collier said...

We are praying for Baby Kathryn. She is in wonderful hands at Brookwood, and they will prepare her for being home again. We are praying for Maddie (what a wonderful big sister), you and Greg, too. Kathryn is so blessed to have you all, as she is also a blessing to you, too.