Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Since we have been home

I sit here typing at 1:43 am on Thursday morning as I prepare for the 2:00 am feeding. It's a quiet moment in the house - a rarity!!
Kathryn had a huge day on Monday with the coming home. Once we finally settled in that night, she was satting in the 70's and 80's so we turned her oxygen up to 1 L instead of 1/2 L. She has stayed on that since we have been home, but the doctors are aware and we think it could be either a difference in equipment or that she is having a lot more activity. Hopefully it will be short lived. We also came home on a SAT monitor and an apnea monitor. I was ready to throw out the apnea monitor the second we left the hospital. It was alarming for false apnea's almost every 10 minutes from Monday until Tuesday morning. We made an executive ("parental") decision to turn it off on Tuesday morning and have not turned it back on. The alarm on it is loud enough to wake the neighbors. Long story short, since we have the SAT monitor, we will still have an "alert" if something were wrong with Kathryn, so when the home health nurse came yesterday for Kathryn's checkup, I posed the question if we could please send the apnea monitor back to Apria Healthcare and not use it!! Through a series of phone calls, we got to the right doctor (Dr. Lozano - her pulmonologist) who said he was writting an order to discontinue it and would fax it to Apria this morning!! Yeah - one machine down already!!

Kathryn's home health visit yesterday was just a routine check. No big deal, but they did weigh her. She was 4 lbs, 15.5 ounces as of yesterday - she gained 3 ounces since discharge Monday!! Other than that, it has been a crazy few days getting used to an infant schedule and Kathryn's special routines!! Here is a picture from her first bath at home.

Madelyn had her Christmas concert at school on Tuesday night and they were wonderful!! She looked just wonderful in her beautiful Christmas dress from Nini. Here she is with her friend Jalyn!

We are exhausted, but pleasantly!!

Please keep Kathryn in your prayers!


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Aunt Donna said...

We cannot express our joy and thankfulness that Kathryn is home. Granny Ellis has awaited each day's e-mail with anticipation and now can share with everyone that her miracle great-granddaughter is home. Thank you so much for keeping us informed. The kids in our Children's Ministry have kept her in their prayers and were delighted with her homecoming. Love to all, Donna