Friday, December 7, 2007

Day 137 - Friday, December 7

We are now "trained" on Kathryn's machines!! The apnea monitor has a deafening scream that we pray we don't ever hear. It alarms if Kathryn stops breathing, so that's another reason we hope to never hear it. She really does not apnea much at the hospital now so we really feel that this is a precautionary machine and hopefully it won't live with us for a long time. The saturation monitor for her oxygen sats is pretty similar to the one in the hospital, just much smaller and portable! (about the size of a portable DVD player for kids - or smaller) It slips into the diaper bag and off we go! The oxygen tanks seem pretty easy too. She will have two portables that will last her 4 hours each, a medium one that would last 16 hours, and a big one for the house that will last her about a week. The company will come out on a regular basis with new tanks and supplies for them and the two monitors. It sounded overwhelming to me at first, but once we really saw it, it seemed to make perfect sense.

They also ordered for her a nebulizer which she won't use yet, but may in the future for breathing treatments when needed - similar to a child with asthma (which I wouldn't be surprised if she developed as she grows up.) Everything is pretty portable so when we take Kathryn to the doctor, we just put our little backpack of oxygen on, put her in the car seat, and carry the apnea monitor bag and the sat monitor in her own diaper bag.

They went ahead yesterday and switched her to the new machines in the hospital so she is no longer on their machine, but is still using the hospital oxygen until discharge.

We are rooming in at the hospital tonight and she will sleep in the room with us. Just Greg and I and Kathryn, but we can call the nurses if we need anything. It should be interesting!

Please pray for Kathryn!! She is up to 4 pounds, 11 ounces as of last night. Only a few more days!!



Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

Have fun sleeping at the hospital! I remember the first time I did (for a good reason) I didn't sleep at all. Those night nurses are party animals! I stayed up chatting with them all night waiting for Carson's next feeding. I can't believe your tiny little miracle is coming home soon! Happy thoughts coming your way from another tiny one in Dacula!

Kate said...

Praise the Lord!! Now the real roller coaster begins.

Eric said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to see her out of that antiseptic, antipersonal NICU! Love y'all. See ya soon!

Emily said...

Wonderful, fabulous! I cannot wait for pictures of that BIG girl coming home!

Lurenda said...

I'm so happy for all of you! Kathryn is such an amazing baby! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys at the Sawyers' party tonight.