Sunday, December 9, 2007

Day 139 - Sunday, December 9

Only one more day until we bring Kathryn home!!!!

Friday night was interesting. We got to the hospital at around 8:15 and gave Kathryn her bath in the NICU. After she was dressed, we bundled her up, got her things and took her to our room!! We cuddled and held her until her 10:00 feed. It was so weird to have her by ourselves with no audience around us!! She took the 10:00 feed like a champ so we snuggled until 11:00 and then I laid her down knowing we would need to be up again at 2:00 am. She is so funny when she sleeps. She grunts and snores and wiggles so believe me when I say, we knew that she was there!! At about 1:45, her apnea monitor went off - not for an apnea, but to tell us that the leads were off. That monitor probably woke our neighbors (at our house) by buzzing at the hospital!! You can't get it to quit until you fix the problem so I was trying to fix the leads and it would not quit. (I finally turned it off!!) I was holding Kathryn and feeding her, so I knew that she was breathing. Before we laid her back down, I changed out her leads and she was fine!!

Here is the bad thing about the leads - they are stickers and when she sweats they come off. When they come off, the monitor goes off. And because she is still tiny, we have to swaddle her pretty well, so she stays warm, sweats, and then the leads come off, and then my eardrums burst!! Long story short, they do have another method to keep the leads on. Apria Healthcare says that they ordered us the other method last Thursday afternoon and had it sent overnight UPS to us so it should have been here at the latest on Saturday - guess what - no package!! I raised a little trouble with our rep's manager yesterday and we should have the package Monday or he said he will fix the problem.

Other than that, the rooming in went very well!! It was nice to spend some just us time with Kathryn!!

Saturday, we finished up a few errands and then came home for a Dad, Mom, and Maddie nap. My first Saturday afternoon nap in years!! We went to a party last night with some college friends and new friends. We had a wonderful time and played dirty Santa. Greg came home with a Man's kit - cable ties, duct tape, electrical tape, a tape measurer, and a six pack of the Beast beer. I on the other hand, came home with a bottle of wine.

Well, today is Maddie day. We let her choose what we are doing, so I think we are headed to Chuck E Cheese and bowling for the day!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Please pray for Kathryn!


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Lurenda said...

I enjoyed finally meeting you guys last night! There are no words to describe how happy I am that Kathryn is coming home tomorrow. We will continue to pray as you all adjust to life at home. Isn't this going to be the best Christmas ever?