Monday, December 17, 2007

Day 5 - Monday December 17, 2007

Well, Kathryn seems to be improving. They had reduced her lasics to once a day on Saturday and Sunday and then today they stopped them completely. She has been losing weight because of the lasics, but she is still almost 5 pounds. She is on two new medicines that she was not taking before she came home. They are both diuretics which will help her from getting "wet" lungs. Like I said, she is off of everything now that they have been using over the last few days to get her back to well!! Now they want to monitor her at the hospital for a few days on just the things she would be taking at home and watch her xrays to make sure that they do not get any worse. Dr. Dicarlo said that they are just trying to find the right mix for her to be at home on. She was wide eyed and alert today at my visit and she is getting a little personality!!

Today was Madelyn's school Christmas party and she made many Christmas ornaments for our tree and a Christmas plate for Greg and I. Her teacher, Ms. Rhonda gave each of the children a book and Madelyn loved hers!!

Please pray that all goes well over the next few days so that Kathryn can come home before Christmas and stay home this time. They are thinking probably around Friday or Saturday!!

(Also please pray for some friends that we have met in the NICU. They are really experiencing some health concerns in their family and could certainly use some prayer warriors!)


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