Monday, December 10, 2007

Kathryn is Home!

I announce with fantastic joy that all four of us are under one roof tonight. Kathryn Bryan Ellis is home with her family and is doing wonderfull!! She was discharged today at 4:00 and we have spent the afternoon and evening settling in! In the coming few days I hope to post coming home pictures and her birth announcement! Just know that she is safely home and receiving tons of love!! She is now 4 lbs, 12.4 ounces and 16.5 inches long (up from 14 ozs and 11 inches at birth!!).

Dr. Dicarlo came today to see us off (he was not the attending physician). I asked him now that we are going home, what were Kathryn's chances of survival. He said that on day one he would have given her between 5% and 20%. Just look at the odds she beat!! He also said that she is the smallest baby at birth that he has been able to send home (in 17 years). Of course . . . . I cried!!


Thanks to all of you for your prayers!! Please continue to pray for Kathryn!



tracie said...

Welcome home sweet baby Kathryn! We have prayed so hard for this day. She is absolutely beautiful--so perfect. We can't wait to meet her and are so happy that your family is at home together at last. We love you all!

Matt, Tracie, Daniel, and Caroline

Amy Morgan said...

IT'S OVER AND WITH A WONDERFULLY, HAPPY ENDING!!! I am so happy that this day is here. Welcome home, Kathryn! Welcome back to a normal life, Ellis family!
Amy Morgan

Lurenda said...

Wow! There are no words to describe how incredibly happy I am for each of you. I'm confident that Kathryn has a special gaurdian angel watching over her, and that angel's name is Olivia. What a wonderful Christmas blessing.

Much love,

Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

Yeah!!!! Way to go Kathryn!!!