Sunday, December 2, 2007

Day 132 - Sunday, December 2

What a weekend. Well, Friday I was in a bit of a panic after hearing that they had moved up the date. Excited, but panicked because I felt like we had a lot to learn and understand and set up before she came home. Well, Friday afternoon, at Greg's request, I went to meet with Dr. Mena to understand and that afternoon, he explained that he was taking her off of the MCT oil and breathing treatments and keeping her at .5 liters over the weekend. He said that as long as she gained weight over the weekend without the MCT oil and did ok without the breathing treatments, he would order the equipment on Monday (the 3rd) and train us and we would discharge on Tuesday (the 4th).

I have been shopping all weekend finishing up Christmas, getting baby supplies, and getting ready!! The car seat base is in the car, the tree is decorated, and we are ready!! Well she lost about 2 ounces over the weekend so they put her back on the MCT oil and plan to send her home on the oil!! But she did fine without the breathing treatments and her SATs were great. Dr. Mena talked to us this afternoon and explained that he could still go with the plan for trying to get her home by Tuesday, but he feels more comfortable to not rush us with the training and home health care set up. So he thought it would be closer to Thursday or Friday of this coming week before we would be ready. Since that is the case, he wants to keep us over next weekend and make Monday, December 10 her definite discharge date. He doesn't want to send us home towards the end of a weekend where we couldn't get in to see the pediatrician if she needed to.

So Monday, December 10 it is!!! Here goes the countdown!! I think most everyone knows that Maddie was a preemie too (31 weeker). She was born on October 10, but her due date was guess when . . . . December 10. Isn't God great?? (Not only is he wonderful, but he has a sense of humor too!!)

Please pray for this week. We are so tired and so ready to quit seeing so much of Brookwood. Everyone has been wonderful - we are just ready to have her home. Pray for Kathryn!


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Kate said...

Well, I hate that you have to wait, but am glad that you have a little more time to get things done. Maybe you can make it to the party???