Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 6 - Tuesday, December 18

Kathryn appears to continue to improve. She is now off of the lasics and is only on the medications she will return home on. They are monitoring her at the hospital now to ensure that these will be enough for her to be manageable at home without another return hospital visit. She will come home on two new meds for her lungs and on albuterol treatments twice daily and percussion treatments several times daily. The percussion treatments are actually kinda fun. It's a small rubber mallet that you tap with medium strength against her back. The sound of it sounds like you are hurting her, but if you do it to your hand, you can tell it's no big deal. She actually loves it! We'll have to make sure to keep it away from Madelyn because she thinks it's great too!!

I also forgot to share that she was due to go to the eye doctor today for her final checkup. Since she is in the hospital they had the doctor come to Brookwood. She passed with flying colors and he said that the ROP is completely gone!! He seemed very impressed and said that with a baby as small as Kathryn was, the chances of the ROP completely regressing is very small. Yet again, Kathryn the miracle micro-preemie impresses the doctors!!

The doctors are suggesting as of this evening that Saturday would be the earliest 2nd discharge date. I am hoping for that date, but I also want her to be well when she comes home so that hopefully she can stay home this time!

Please pray that she does well with the new meds!!


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Kate said...

Keep up the good work Kathryn!!