Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are gettting a room

The doctors saw Kathryn this morning and she is getting a room today!!!!!! She is down to 1 liter of oxygen so they think that the viagra did the trick! Crazy, huh? I am hoping that this means that they may not consider the cardiac catheter since she is doing better.

I listened this morning on the radio to the Rick and Bubba show and they the aired the speach that Rick gave yesterday at the memorial for the death of his 2 year old son. I was in tears at the thought of losing a child, but Rick remained strong in his faith as he talked about this great tragedy. I encourage you to go to the website - and click on the link that says A Father's Heart. Rick talks about the greatest tribute to his son is for you to consider your walk with our Heavenly Father and your commitment to the Kingdom. In memory of William Bronner Burgess and in honor of my little sweet Kathryn Bryan Ellis, I ask you that look inside your heart and really focus on the important things in your life. As Rick said, stop measuring your life by your successes at work and your worldly possessions, but instead fight to keep your family focused on the prize that God promises to all who will proclaim his name and accept his challenge. Please grab on to the Great Commission!!

I think that there is nothing special about the circumstances that Greg and I are facing. We are surrounded by families here at Children's Hospital that are in much more critical circumstances than we are in. We just have a peace about the way we handle it because we know that we are not facing this alone. We face it with Our Father and all of our Family of Believers. In one of my favorite songs, it says "pray for the grieving even when you don't think that you can." Greg and I have a lot to pray about with Kathryn and yet I find it just as important to pray for all the other families here (including the Burgess family). That's just what we are called to do.




Sara Blakeney said...

You're amazing!! Thank you for showing all of us just how truly important our walk with God is. Bob and I are in awe of your strength and committment. You, Greg, Maddie and Kathryn are all a blessing to our family and quite an example of how to live! God bless you!!!

Ashley Hardy said...

I am a friend of Sara Blakeney's. My husband and I lost our son Forrest at 5 1/2 months in June. While he had a very different and rare diagnosis (respiratory issues caused by a VERY rare genetic disorder), we spent our share of time in the hospital with Forrest on oxygen, respirators and intebated twice, leading to a tracheostomy. You are doing an amazing job. You are doing the right thing by letting the doctors know about your frustration with the communication process and demanding answers, especially when the answers are not obvious to the professionals. If you need someone to talk to who has been in a similar situation, please do not hesitate to call me. I know you don't know me, but sometimes that can make it easier to vent : ) Sara has all of our contact information and my email is posted on the blog. God bless your family!! You have amazing strength!
Rhett and Ashley Hardy

Heather Haymes said...

Kelly and Greg-

This is such great news.

Kelly-I spoke to Juli Grogan (now Juli Wright) and she wants me to tell you she is thinking and praying for you and your entire family. She now has this site and visits it regularly.

Please know you all remain in our prayers daily. We miss you.

Heather, Tom, and Jake Haymes