Friday, January 25, 2008

Thoughts on Kathryn's 6 month birthday

As I lay in the fold out chair bed in Kathryn's room at Children's this morning, I thought about why Kathryn is back in the hospital. I've wondered a lot of "whys" over the last 6 months. But this morning I think I felt the answer to one of those whys. I was laying there in the oh so comfy "bed" holding Kathryn in my arms at 7 am this morning. When she looked at me with her huge beautiful blue-gray eyes, I realized that this is the first time I have ever shared a hospital room with either of my girls. Maybe God wanted me to have that experience just once. It was a wonderful feeling to hold her and snuggle together by ourselves in the early morning quiet. I wonder if all moms out there understand what a special experience it is to have that bonding time with your baby in the hospital - well now I do!

Kathryn is 6 months old today and weighs in at 6 pounds, 5 ounces. Wednesday night we finally got a room around 8 pm. She was on 1 liter of oxygen at that time and she has remained at 1 liter since then. She seems to be doing much better. Yesterday was filled with feedings, weighings, blood work, medicine cocktails, & snuggle time. Her medicine list seems endless right now with 3 diuretics, iron, potassium, MCT Oil for fat, Viagra, 2 antibiotics & albuterol for breathing. Some of these are temporary but we could go home with as many as 3 new medicines! Last night, Greg, Maddie, Kathryn and I had dinner in Kathryn's room and then Greg and Maddie headed home for the night.

Today, Maddie brought Kathryn a cupcake to the hospital for her six month birthday! We let Maddie eat the cupcake, but we put a small dab of frosting on Kathryn's lip and let her have a special treat. It was about the size of a BB pellet and you would have thought that she had just tasted heaven!!

Kathryn also started taking 2 1/2 ounces of formula per feeding yesterday and she is doing well with it. The doctors said today that if she keeps it up, we can let her start to skip the 2 am feeding if she wants to sleep through it!! The doctors also reduced her Lasix today to once daily instead of twice. They seem to be pleased with her progress. The plan is to repeat her spinal tap next Tuesday. If there is no further indication of meningitis, then we may be discharged mid to late next week.

We have been so blessed with all of the phone calls, emails, cards, letters, prayers, and gifts for Kathryn. Our amazing Sunday School class at Riverchase UMC has showered us with love, prayers, letters, dinners, and their time. Yesterday, they surprised us with a tremendous box of drinks and goodies for our hospital room to help us pass the time. Greg and I are so blessed by each of them and their commitment to a class of friendship and Christian marriages. It is from surrounding ourselves with other Christian families that we have truly grown in our marriage too!

Please continue to pray for strong lungs for Kathryn! But most of all, I ask that you pray fro the other families at Children's Hospital. A lot of these families are dealing with much more dire circumstances that we are and it may be our prayers that help them get through each day. Everyone praying for Kathryn are some of the strongest prayer warriors I know! Bless you!!

Faithfully, Kelly


Aunt Donna said...

Hang in there, sweeties. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Granny Ellis is still aching to hold both the girls, and just rock Kathryn for a little while. Love to all, Aunt Donna

Sydney & Bayley's Proud Mommy said...

Happy 6 month Birthday sweet Kathryn! Praying for you and all the other families! Be strong.

Kate said...

I know that feeling Kelly. While my second time around was MUCH different than yours, I know exactly that feeling that you have described. I distinctly remember it while in the hospital with Isaac. Not being able to the first time around makes it that much more special. I am so incredibly happy that you have gotten to feel it, although in a somewhat out of the norm way! Is it even necessary to say that we will be praying?? At this point it is just understood.

Lurenda said...

I have to second Kate's comment. I remember when I held Jeffrey for the first time in the hospital. It was so incredibly surreal. I loved having moments with just me and him cuddled in the bed together. I knew how blessed I was to have him in my arms. And as Kate said, you know we're praying. I can only imagine the number of prayers that have gone up for Kathryn over the past 6 months. Happy 6 month birthday sweet girl!! We all love you very much!!

Karen said...

May God bless each of you and continue to give you strength! You are an inspiration to us all. May God's healing hands touch Kathryn. She is so fortunate to have a wonderful mom, dad, and sister. So much love!!! Karen and Skip Eiland