Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Possible Diagnosis

So after numerous tests yesterday, they came in around 5:30 yesterday afternoon to tell us that they think she has meningitis. They are still not certain, but some results from the spinal tap point to possibilities of it! While I am not thrilled with the diagnosis, I am relieved that think that they have something to treat. Last night they were very brief with us so I spent the night with many questions. They started her on two new medicines - Vancomicin and Tobermicin - that are big guns to treat meningitis. Last night her IV blew out (evidently a common thing) after her 7:00 pm medicines (which take about 2 hours to cycle). Starting about 9:30 to tried to get a new IV started and ended up sticking her 12 times from 9:30 - 12:30 am. About 1 am, she and I finally drifted off to sleep only to need to get up in another hour for the next bottle. Our nurse last night was amazing because she came in at 2 am for Kathryn's breathing treatment and went ahead and gave her bottle (letting me get some sleep). My mom then came to the hospital around 5:45 this morning to do the 6:00 bottle, so I actually got to sleep for almost 6 1/2 hours straight. It was wonderful. Before mom left, I got to shower and go down to the cafeteria for breakfast.

I am over at the Harbor now for a little break for awhile. Our dear friend Cyndi is keeping Kathryn and feeding her while I take a small mental break to experience a piece of the outside world! The plan of treatment at this point is 13 more days of hospitalized antibiotics until they can determine any further plans for discharge. The hard part is that now that she is in a hospital room and not the NICU, someone has to be with her at all times. I have been here since Sunday and have gone home two times for about 20 minutes each for change of clothes and once to CVS for a few toiletries.

For everyone's peace of mind, we have asked the doctors about contagiousness and they assure us that we are all fine and should not be at increased risk to catch anything. This includes Maddie, she is fine too.

Please pray for rest and continued progress. Greg is back at work as of today and I am pretty much living here since I am still on leave of absence. Madelyn is back and forth between being at home with Greg and being with my mom. We are trying to keep her as much on her schedule of school, dance practice, and choir as much as possible. I think this weekend, I will be free to leave the hospital for a while and Greg will stay with Kathryn to give me some time away.



Lurenda said...

I know you are so exhausted and frustrated. Just know that we continue to pray that God will send healing to Kathryn and strength to you, Greg and Maddie.


Emily said...


We're still praying up here in New York! God has a wonderful plan for that special little girl of yours...breathe and know that His arms surround her! :)

Heather Haymes said...

Kelly and Greg-

Please know that we are praying for Kathryn's strength and the the doctor's wisdom. Stay strong for your baby girl and god will take care of her. Always remember your family is in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you all.

Heather Haymes