Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hoping for a room

I talked with the nurse last night from Special Care around 10:00pm. She called to let us know that Kathryn had been on 2 liters for a little while and had been doing great so they had bumped her down to 1 1/2 around 9:30 and she was still doing fine. When I called this morning to check on her night, Leah said she was still on 1 1/2. I am hoping that since she had a stable night and afternoon, they may let us back to a room today!!! Please keep your prayers fixed on that so we can be back with Kathryn! I can only wonder if the Sildinafil is what did it!!

I spoke with my boss at work yesterday concerning the new situation and once again he has been flexible. I keep worrying about their reaction, knowing that if I have to make a choice there is only one obvious choice and so far I have not had to make a choice which is amazing!! I certainly have done a lot of praying about this and have told God that whatever he needs me to do, I will and I will listen and trust faithfully that he will provide!

Here's praying for a room today!! Oh and yesterday, I gave my family a surprise. When I get around to picture taking, I will post a picture of it, but yesterday, I chopped my hair off in a similar cut to Katie Holmes (not that she is my idol - it's just a cute cut!!) I think it looks cute!


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