Saturday, January 19, 2008

Quick Bullet Points - We are running late

  • Kathryn seemed fine the majority of the day yesterday at 1 3/4 liters of O2.
  • Last night Greg stayed with her at the hospital and I came home with Maddie
  • Greg said that through the night she had some issues and is now requiring 3 liters of O2 but we still don't know why
  • The doctors are due in any time this morning to assess

Please pray that the doctors can find the missing link to this puzzle. She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable as long as she gets enough O2, but that is a big question mark as to why she requires so much! They thought yesterday that they had figured out that it MAY be bacterial meningitis, but that still is unconfirmed. I think it is all still a guessing game!

Please pray for all of us.


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