Thursday, January 17, 2008

No new news really

Here I sit in the hospital hallway right outside Kathryn's room at 9:45pm because the WIFI doesn't pickup in her room. Today was a sit and wait day. All of her cultures are still returning negative at this point, but really we would see the best results starting tomorrow. We have now switched meds back to Ceftaz and Vancomycin. She seems to be feeling better and eating better but remains on increased oxygen. She is hovering between 1 1/2 to 2 liters. This evening they tried to insert a PICC line in Kathryn since she is such a hard stick for an IV. They don't seem convinced that it was successful so they also inserted another IV. I think that they will xray the PICC location again tomorrow to see if they can use it. Today I had a friend come to relieve me for an hour while I went over to Children's Harbor to their salon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays they have someone who is free of charge to all of the families. It was a wonderful service!! This afternoon, Madelyn came to visit me in the hospital. My mom brought her and she stayed in the room with Kathryn while Maddie and I went over to the Harbor to the kids game room for a little while and then I took Madelyn back tonight when Greg was here because there was a puppet show.

As I looked around the room during the puppet show, I had tears in my eyes. Just seeing all of the families here is very touching. It makes me very thankful for how far Kathryn has come. There are so many children here in much worse health conditions than my precious Kathryn. Some of these families have been here for many more months than what we have experienced between Brookwood and Here.

My prayer request tonight would be for all of the families in this Children's Hospital and each of the other Childrens' across the country. Somehow, I feel like we are all in this boat together. These families are strong, tired and courageous. And I know that they can certainly use prayers from far and wide!


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Aunt Donna said...

Our thoughts and prayers for you are constant as well as those for the doctors, nurses and other medical support staff. Granny Ellis is swearing to come down and turn some people over her checkered apron if they hurt Kathryn. Seriously, she'd just love to come to the hospital and sit and rock her. Much love to all, Donna