Thursday, January 3, 2008

A New Year, A New Look

I couldn't help myself - I thought I would give the blog a facelift!! I was trying to make some new refreshing color changes. Everything is still here though, so it shouldn't be too confusing!

Well, yesterday Kathryn had her first doctor visit to Children's Hospital with Dr. Lozano (the pulmonologist) and that is definitely an event!! We got there at 12:00 and left at 4:00. Kathryn and I went to this one by ourselves and it was definitely a chore with one parent. Navigating to the building with all of her gear was interesting. Once you get there, we had to go downstairs to the specialty clinics. They look like an airport concourse with glass partitions and number along the ceiling with the number of the clinic. I looked for my "terminal" #6 and headed there. They checked us in and then sent us on a "tour of the facilities." First upstairs to xray where we had to take her out of the carseat, undress, get a chest xray (the tech asked if there was a chance I could be pregnant - is she nutty??), get Kathryn dressed again, back in the carseat and back downstairs. (With all of the machinery and oxygen attached to Kathryn.) Now on to the lab for bloodwork. Maneuver down a hallway not built for strollers into a tiny room (not built for strollers), back out of the carseat, back undressed (partially), try to find a good vein in one arm, try to find a good vein in another arm, try to find a good vein in her hand, stick her - it doesn't take very well, take out the needle, her hand starts to bleed so the nurse squeezes (gently) the blood sample from her hand so that she doesn't have to stick her again. (Big bruise on the hand now!!) Dressed again, back in the carseat, wheel back to clinic #6 (or terminal #6 whichever your preference) and wait, and wait, and wait. Go back to the office, wheel into a small vital signs area not built for strollers, get weighed and measured. Get moved to a room. Nurse from vitals realizes that she forgot to get a blood pressure so brings us back to tiny vital signs room (not built for strollers) and tries to get a pressure 5 times unsuccessfully. Then realizes she forgot to get a temperature too. Then back to our room. Out of the stroller, undress, realize it's time for bottle, feed, nurse comes in for 20 minutes, doctor comes in for 15 minutes, nurse back in for another 15 minutes, then finally on our way. At that moment I realize that the noise I keep hearing is my tummy growling because at 3:45 I have not eaten all day and have been smelling the fantastic food in the cafeteria. Wheel Kathryn over to cafeteria - CLOSED. Go by the gift shop and get a diet coke and a bag of chex mix. Head back to the car - get Kathryn in the car - barely since the car next to me parked too close and I am trying to get her, her monitor, and her oxygen all in at the same time. Pull out of the parking deck at 4:01 pm. What an adventure.

By the way, the doc increased one of her meds and said he would see us back in 5 weeks - everything else looked ok. He wants us to try weening oxygen back down by Friday and if not, call back. He thinks Kathryn may have caught a small cold - but nothing huge if she did.

We may also have found our Nanny, but I will post more on that later. Let's just say that it was definitely a God thing if we did!! You won't believe the circumstances.


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