Sunday, January 13, 2008

All about "towns" for the weekend

Well - a busy weekend indeed!! Friday was a down day with taking Madelyn to school and picking her up. Kathryn and I also went by Greg's office for a few minutes to take something to him and we were able to introduce Kathryn to a few friends at Greg's office that have been faithfully praying for our family for the last 6 months!! Friday afternoon, I was about to go stir crazy with not being able to get out of the house much so Greg was gracious enough to let me go out Friday night. I had planned to go solo to a movie, but Maddie wanted to go too and their were no "Maddie movies" on at the theater. So she and I went to have Mexican food (she calls the cheese dip, "white dip-it", so she says we go to the white dip-it store). Then we went by the movie store, the grocery store, and then to Chuck E Cheese. Santa brought Maddie some Chuck E Cheese tokens in her stocking so she wanted to go play. She won enough tickets to get 5 tootsie rolls, a fun dip packet, and tattoos! It was great to get out of the house for a girls night - although I miss having nights out with my husband too since we can't really go anywhere together right now.

Well, Saturday, my mom (Nini) was planning to take Maddie to Montgomery to the Shakespeare Festival to see the Winnie the Pooh play. Greg told me he thought it would great for me to go too and he would stay with Kathryn. So, the three of us girls headed out to Montgomery after we stopped at the Pharmacy for all of Kathryn's meds!! In Montgomery, we had lunch with Uncle Beau, Aunt Brittany, and cousin Reed. Reed is getting so big (and so cute) - but really just typical size for a baby his age. (Just looks big to me!!) Then we went to feed the ducks at the Montgomery Museum. Nini and Maddie went on to the play and the rest of us went shopping for a little bit. Later we headed back to Birmingham and Greg and Kathryn picked up Maddie and I at our church. Then the 4 of us went out for our first dinner out together - you can stop holding your breath - no, we did not take Kathryn into a crowded restaurant!! We went to Sonic and ate in the car. Well, it still counts as our first meal out together!! After the girls went to bed, Greg and I watched Hairspray the movie. It was pretty cute!!

Today is Greg's week for church so he and Maddie went together this morning while I stayed home and did laundry, gave Kathryn a bath, and worked around the house!!

Ready for another week!


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