Saturday, August 11, 2007

A busy day and some great photos

Yesterday was a busy visiting day for Kathryn. I saw her in the morning, Greg went yesterday afternoon for a Daddy visit, and the three of us went last night for a family visit. We took Madelyn last night for some "white dip-it". For those who don't know, ketchup is dip-it at our house. Somehow, Madelyn has named cheese dip, "white dip-it." We are so used to it, that I sometimes catch myself about to order "white dip-it" when we are at a Mexican restaurant. Anyway, we went to have cheap Mexican last night and then took Madelyn to see Underdog at the "big" movie. (Cute movie for those with kids her age.) Then we went to see Kathryn.

Kathryn weighed in last night at 1 #, 1 oz. I know it's a drop, but if you look at her weight chart for the past six days, she has been either 1,1 or 1,2. So she has held her pound for almost an entire week!!!!!!!

I took a few new pictures too. Check out below.

This is an eyes open shot. She was looking right at Mommy to take this photo.

This is Madelyn's picture for Kathryn I was telling you about the other day. By the way, Madelyn wrote her own name on the picture. I wrote it for her on another piece of paper and she copied it here. Genius, if I must brag!!!

A new hand holding picture with Mom this time. Aren't her fingers so tiny?!!

A picture of Dad and Maddie with Kathryn. Now you can tell just how little she really is in her Giraffe bed!!

I almost forgot, a picture of Kathryn with her new PICC line. That's it in the leg closest to the bottom of the picture. Looking good isn't it!!

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