Sunday, August 12, 2007

Testing for infection

Good Sunday morning. I am so tired this morning, but am up getting ready for church. Kathryn had her first set back last night. I called about 9:30 to check on her before we headed to bed. I spoke with her nurse, Robin, and Dr. Mena. Kathryn started to show signs early last evening of a possible infection. They said she looked the same, but from her labs they could tell that there was a little bit of acid in her blood and her urine output was decreased a little. This can be (but not always) signs of a possible infection.

So, they drew lab cultures which means a new stick for blood drawing and they have sent it off for cultures to see if there is an infection. Meanwhile, they have started her on antibiotics to treat an infection if there is one. The antibiotic she was started on is supposedly the top one for preemies. They reassured me on the phone that she was OK and that this was mainly precautionary for babies so little and that if it was an infection, they had plenty that they can do to treat it, but of course, I wanted to see her. So at 10:15 last night I trekked to the NICU to check on her, while Greg stayed here with Madelyn (she was sacked out!!).

Kathryn looked the same, but it's just scary because it's the first setback. Several of the nurses that she has had so far came to me to reassure me that this is common and so did Dr. Mena. I stayed with her and watched and prayed for a while. Needless to say, I did not get much sleep.

When I spoke with Robin, her nurse, this morning around 6:30, she said that Kathryn's blood looked much better and that her urine output had been great through the night. Kathryn "looks like she feels much better" is what she told me. She will be getting another blood transfusion today (normal) and she is back to 1 #, 2 oz again. What a trooper!! She has now held that pound for a entire week!!

Anyway, we should know better about the results of the cultures for an infection today and even better by tomorrow. They test the culture every 24 hours for 5 days to see if anything develops. Please pray specifically today for no infections for Kathryn!!


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