Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday morning - a few new photos

Good Tuesday morning! Today Kathryn is 28 weeks gestation!! Sunday and Monday were fairly uneventful with Kathryn which is good news. She had gone up in her weight gain and has gone back down to 590 grams (1 #, 4 oz - almost 1#, 5 oz) for the past two weigh ins. Still keeping her weight above one pound though which is excellent. She has also grown another little bit - but I was confused about her length. I kept noticing her growth thinking she was putting on inches - well, it was centimeters. Still though, she has grown from 11 inches at birth to 11 3/4 inches now. And her head circumference has increased by 2 cm too!! She had her head ultrasound yesterday and we should know results today late or sometime tomorrow. From what we understand, if we don't hear anything right away about it, then there was nothing blatently obvious so they wait for the actual results to confirm or deny this. She also had a chest x-ray this morning early and we should know more about those results sometime today or tomorrow. If you haven't been praying, it's never too late to pray for routine results!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are a few new pictures from our house!! Maddie took this one. Not a fantastic picture of the new parents, but it shows off Maddie's photography skills.
Maddie at the park this past Sunday. She was learning the balance beam.

Here Maddie shows off her playground skills!!

New shot of Kathryn. See her toes on the right foot. At one point, half of that foot was dark like that. Now we are down to a few toes!!

Another eye shot!!! Kathryn looks at us occassionally when we visit!!

Dad and Madelyn goofing off at the NICU! We usually take her at night in her jammies since we go at 8:00 and get home around 9:00. Maddie has made friends with many of the nurses and they are all aware of her singing abilities.

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