Wednesday, August 15, 2007

3 weeks old

Wow - today Kathryn is 3 weeks old and she was officially 27 weeks gestation yesterday. Her weigh in last night showed that we now have a 1 #, 3 oz Kathryn!!!!!!! That's the first new number in a while!! (And that's after a nickel size poop that I got to experience yesterday!!!)

Everything else is still the same. No big changes with Kathryn so that's good news. We did hear that as of yesterday, there is still no bacteria growth showing in her blood sample that they took last Saturday. It could still appear over the next several days, but it is not that likely and even if it does, there are two good things with that. If it appears as bacteria growth this far out from the original sample, the growth is very weak AND she will have already been on an antibiotic since Saturday so it doesn't stand a chance to grow further. No big changes with her toes, they still are dark, but it does not seem to have gone to her feet. And there is no further darkening which leads the doctors to believe that the new UAC line helped the situation to not grow further and that the darkening that is there now is left over from the first line. We just keep massaging those feet!! By the way, the new line is working well! They have also taken her off of one of her fluids (HAL - the one with Vitamins and Minerals) for 4 hours each day and they replace that 4 hours with glucose water. Supposedly, being on HAL for too much, too long can damage the liver, so pulling back on the HAL is a normal process that all NICU babies go through. So that's a good step - they must feel like she is ready for that!


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Mike and Liz (Boudreaux) Cleckler said...

Hi Kelly and Greg,

I heard about Kathryn from Billy and Janie and wanted ya'll to know that we are praying for you all! We have been out of town and away from email for over a week..and I was almost afraid to check the blog for fear of less than good news. It sounds like your little girl is truly a fighter!! We love seeing the pictures of her and especially "Big Sis" Maddie's contributions! We will continue to monitor ya'll's progress and keep you in our prayers. I am so glad you are feeling God's love and presence with you during this scary time..He will help you get thru it for sure!

Love to all, Liz and Mike