Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Please pray

If you happen to check the website frequently, it's Tuesday morning at 8:45. I called to check on Kathryn this morning and couldn't speak with her nurses because they are putting in a new IV right now. Please pray for steady hands and Kathryn to take well to the new IV. Last night when Greg and I went to visit, they had taken out the original IV she had in her foot since she was born. It had infiltrated (to those who are medically illiterate like me, I think that means that it slipped from the vein). Her foot was wrapped in a warm compress last night to keep it from swelling. It seems that this is a normal thing for preemies. The doctors tell us that if it is something major they will call us to come to the NICU. Since we weren't called, this must be routine. Still prayers for the nurses and for Kathryn would be great.

By the way, she is back to 1 pound 2 ounces as of Sunday night. No official weight gain news from last night's weigh in. It also appears that her head is another inch in circumference and she has added an inch and a half to her length coming in at 12 1/2 inches now! (She still looks shorter than that though since she usually sleeps like a frog with her legs scrunched up!)


Quick update before I close, I just spoke with the nurse. The new IV insertion went well. She has a new one in her arm. They are looking into taking away her UAC line and putting in a PICC line. A UAC line goes through her umbilical cord and that is how they draw labs every 3 hours to check on her. A PICC line is very similar but is a catheter instead of an IV. It is much more stable from what I understand and much less invasive to the baby and can stay in one place for longer than an IV. Most likely the PICC line will go in a few days.


Eric said...

Keep us posted! I haven't called and just relied on the blog since I figured y'all are a bit besieged. I think it's safe to say there are several of us checking regularly so keep updating if it isn't too much trouble. Thanks!

Aunt Donna said...

thanks so much for keeping us informed on all progress. Kathryn and all of you are in our prayers - we figure she's going to be a daredevil (like Uncle Eric and cousin KElley). Love to all, Donna and Granny

Woobie said...

We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers daily. Thank you for updating the blog to keep us in the loop. Blogs are so wonderful!
Michelle, Jason & Reese

grammie & grandad said...

we check in every morning and night...and sometimes during the day, too. so keep the news coming. grammie plays her a lullaby every nite, too. we love you all and are constantly praying for the best. we're getting calls from all over the country & canada, too, to check on her progress. it's great to be able to keep everyone up to date! give her a "maddie" hug for us.

love grammie & grandad

Kate said...

Kathryn continues to amaze and astound! What incredible growth! We continue praying for two steps forward and one step back... :)