Friday, August 17, 2007

Some new surprises!!

We have so much to tell!!! Last night's weigh in (Thursday 08/16) showed Kathryn changing her weight from 550 grams (1#, 3 oz) to 610 grams (1#, 6 oz - almost 1#, 7 oz)!! We were thrilled!!!! Because that was a dramatic jump for her, the doctors put her on a mild diuretic today to make sure that she wasn't retaining fluid. She had a very good day and her toes are looking much better. Her left foot has little if any duskiness. Her right foot is much better than before. Her big toe and second toe are still very dark at the tip and the next two toes are a little bit dusky, but that's all. We still won't know how this affects her for several weeks or months, but it's much better than we expected.

After the diuretic today, Kathryn's weight tonight was 580 grams which is 1 #, 4 1/2 oz. Still an overall impressive weight gain for the two days!!!

Imagine our surprise when we got to the NICU tonight and this is what we saw:


Here's a closeup. She looks so peaceful!!!

And here's a view of her that no one had seen yet, us included. The back of her head!! (And she doesn't have a flat spot yet!!!)

We are headed to sleep for the night. It was so relaxing to see her snuggled up on her tummy. For the first time, she looked like a comfortable baby. I couldn't stop smiling at her!


Kate said...

Praise the Lord!!!

Cousin Phylis from Florida said...

I add my "Praise the Lord". I will add the Praise to our prayer list as well as continued prayers for her growth. You can tell she belongs in the Ellis/Miller family by the blonde hair. Can't really see the eyes yet, but know she is beautiful. Love to all--Cousin Phylis from Florida

Jimmy Bonds said...

Ya'll are an inspiration. We will continue to pray for your family.
Jimmy and Tammy