Friday, August 10, 2007

The PICC line

I saw Kathryn yesterday afternoon and visited for about 45 minutes. Her PICC line looks just wonderful and I am especially relieved to see that the band aid on her head marking the PICC territory is gone for now. No other big changes in her care though. She will go on and off the different liquids during her NICU stay. They had taken her off the lipids a few days ago since her triglicerides were up and they had taken her off her HAL (her vitamins and minerals) yesterday when they put in the PICC line. Yesterday afternoon they were adding back both which is great!! (Remember these are what Maddie calls her apple juice and milk.) Oh and I forgot to share, about two days ago, they changed her labs to every six hours instead of every three hours. That's a good sign because it means she was having less changes and becoming a bit more stable. There is always a chance it will change back to every three hours, but we will take minor victories as they come!!

When I went to visit yesterday afternoon, I checked her weight gain and she is back up again to 1 #, 2 oz. No official word yet as to last night's weigh in at midnight, but I will check today when I see her.

I go back today for a checkup with my heart doctor that saw me in the hospital. In all honesty, one of the ones I saw was a real pain (Dr. Rao) with bad bedside manner and the second one (Dr. Colon - not pronounced like a part of your body, pronounced with a French accent) was extremely lax. Guess which one I made my follow-up appointment with?

Actually, I was a little worried with Dr. Colon, the lax one, because he seemed a little too lax for how uptight Dr. Rao was. At any rate, I am really hoping that he will adjust my medicine today, because my pressures have been a lot lower on this medication. I am staying in the range of 115/72 or even lower which is such a shock to my body lately because my pressures were so high. They mentioned that if I got too low (bottomed out) that it would cause some headaches, etc. They were correct!! Anyway, I have to take my blood pressure diary and hopefully they will see that and make a change.

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Aunt Donna said...

We can sympathize with you on the heart doctors - Granny's Dr.Lash was a real pain in the rear but as long as he does a good job with her I guess we can bear with him. Give our Kathryn and Madelyn big hugs and kisses from us!