Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's Kelly and Madelyn

Hi - it's Kelly and Madelyn writing this time. It's Sunday night at 9:00 and we just got back from visting Kathryn. She looked very good tonight! She has dropped back down to 14 ounces, but is doing great. The doctors and nurses tell us that these 4 ounces could be due to a number of things including wires that got weighed or didn't, weight measurements taken after fluids have been given, or even if Kathryn has an extra wet diaper one day. Madelyn took books to Kathryn's bedside last night to read to her. We bought them for Kathryn right before we went for our nightly 8pm visit. Madelyn picked them out and they are called Mommy Hugs and Daddy Hugs. Kathryn seemed to like hearing them and then Madelyn sang her a song. Madelyn sings songs to Kathryn every time she visits - which is mostly at night! The night nurses have started to ask her what song she is singing tonight and it seems that they look forward to hearing it!! Some of Kathryn's favorites are Jesus Loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, a song about Aubie that Madelyn has made up, and the Alphabet Song. Ocassionally Madelyn has blessed us all with the opera version of one of these tunes! Madelyn is also very inquisitive to Kathryn's nurses and has even helped nurse Susan weigh one of Kathryn's diapers. Kathryn's nightime respiratory therapist, Derek, is also educating Madelyn on Kathryn's ventilators and all of the tubes and buttons!

Well off to bed! It was a very busy weekend - or at least in comparison to the activity I was getting in the hospital. My blood pressures are starting to level off. Greg is doing well too - a little tired. I think the past few weeks are catching up to him and the craziness of taking care of three girls, work, the yard, himself, etc is wearing him out!!

Please keep us all in your prayers, but especially Kathryn!

Love, Kelly and Madelyn

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