Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Two weeks old

Kathryn Bryan Ellis is two weeks old today!!! God continues to bless us with miracles!!!

We went to the NICU last night to visit Kathryn and had to wait for about 45 minutes to go in. They were removing her UVC tube from her umbillical cord area. This is how she gets her fluids, "food," and medications. These little lines don't last long and the fact that hers lasted 13 days is wonderful. Instead she now has a temporary IV in her foot for "feeding" and an IV in her arm (to replace the one that had been in her other foot) for blood transfusions. (I think I have this all correct.) The new feeding IV in her foot is what will become her PICC line which I mentioned the other day. The PICC line will be in her head - which as a mom is visually tough to imagine and will be equally tough to see. The nurses say that at this early, it won't hurt her at all, but it sure seems like it would. Anyway, her "food" right now is a mix of glucose water, HAL liquids (vitamins and nutrients) and lipids (fats to make her bigger). Madelyn calls them her water, her apple juice, and her milk since one liquid is clear, one is yellowish, and one is white.

When we went last night, her weight was down to 1 # and 1 oz, but at least she stayed above the 1 pound mark for now!! I spoke with the nurse this morning and her midnight weigh in last night was the same so she maintained that pound. The nurse also said that she may have her PICC line inserted today. Oh yeah, her nurse Susan told us last night that she has started to pass the meconium (for those who don't know what this is, this is the first baby poops!) Sorry for the gross details, but Susan said that Kathryn probably pooped her weight in a single day! Given that, I think it's wonderful that she still weighs 1 # and 1 oz!! Like I said, sorry for the gross details, but I thought that was impressive.

Madelyn colored a picture last night for Kathryn and nurse Susan taped it near her bed so Kathryn and everyone could see it. Madelyn even wrote her name on it - I'll get a picture of it so you can all see our little artist in action before she becomes famous.

I am attaching a few new photos. The first two are reading to Kathryn the other night.Dad and Maddie reading Mommy Hugs to Kathryn.

Mom and Maddie reading Daddy Hugs to Kathryn.

Here's a new shot of Greg holding hands with Kathryn from two nights ago. The bandaid on Kathryn's head is where they have marked their territory for the future PICC line. (See what I mean that it looks like it will be scary!)

Please pray for Kathryn!! Pray specifically today for healthy lungs and a tough girl as she gets her PICC line soon.

By the way, I return to the doctor on Friday for my blood pressure. So far my blood pressure diary that they required me to complete looks great - mostly pressures are normal!!

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kim said...

Kathryn and you all are in my thoughts and prayers throughout the days. She is an amazing girl..strong and determined. Maddie is adorable and the love shared in the pictures is beautiful. Thank you for the info and progross updates. Love, Kim (cousin in CA)