Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday night and pictures

Well, today Kathryn got her first round of immunizations. She got dtap and polio shots. That way she should keep up with other babies her same age (at least in one area)!! They gave her tylenol by mouth before giving her the shot and you would think that she just had tasted the world's most delicious ice cream!! She licked her lips for probably 5 full minutes. Now if she could just teach Madelyn how to take medicine!!
Here are some pictures from her birthday. The first shot shows the birthday girl and the sign on her isolette! Happy 2 month birthday!!

The second one shows signs she has on her wall - mostly pictures a la Madelyn and the new birthday sign made by Nurse Ginny!!
This third and fourth picture is of Greg's hand with the tiniest Ellis you will ever meet!! The dark spot on her ear is like the one on her toe. It is really small.

Thought you might enjoy pictures of the celebration. As you can tell, it tired Kathryn out!!


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Kate said...

Just look at that blond hair! What a precious miracle she is!!