Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Day 63 - Tuesday - Happy Birthday to Kathryn!!

Kathryn is two months old today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, Kathryn is two months old today and we are going to celebrate tonight at the hospital with cupcakes!!! (for her one month birthday, we had peti fours - little person, little cake. now that she is bigger, we get cupcakes!) She had a fairly good day yesterday. I went to visit yesterday afternoon after work and she had an episode while I was there. She dropped her heart rate to about 70 (she is usually 120 - 180) and her sats went to 39. Needless to say, I think I turned a light shade of green myself. The nurses and her respiratory therapist (RT from here forward) jumped right in and brought her back up within a few minutes and nurse Heather said she had no more of those through the night and had not done that all day yesterday either. Just like that little one to act up when mom comes to visit. I guess she wanted to make me think she wasn't getting enough attention. The nurses said that is her way of letting them know that she is uncomfortable. They re-situated her and she was fine.

She gained another 10 grams last night and is up to 950 grams = 2 lbs, 1 oz. Her feedings are still progressing, although Heather said that she did have some of the icky residual with leftover formula in it, so they may slow down just a little today. Her ventilator still remains on about 25 - 40%. It's a little higher right now as she adjusts to being off of the fentinel. Everything else remains boring!!

Happy Birthday to Kathryn, Happy Birthday to Kathryn, Happy Birthday dear sweet Kathryn, Happy Birthday to You!!

Please pray for Kathryn!


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KC said...

Happy Birthday to Kathryn! We wish her all the best ;)