Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day 68 - Sunday, September 30 - Jesus slept on my sofa

The title of the blog. This morning as we were getting ready to leave for church, Madelyn looked at the sofa and told Greg and I that Jesus slept on our sofa last night. I am so comforted by the fact that he felt comfortable to sleep at our home. I would have surely offered him a bed!! Anyway, I thought that the innocence of a child is something that we should all have, so I just wanted to share with you that Jesus sleeps on my sofa.

Well Kathryn is doing well. She was having some residual Friday night and Saturday morning. We really need to keep her feeds going and advancing since that is how she will grow and get off of the ventilators. Dr. Strange wrote orders to change her formula to Neocate. Evidently you can only get this formula in England where it is made. They were going to order some for her, but really needed to go ahead with it so they were able to find one canister of it at Children's which they couriered over for Kathryn. So our daughter is starting out right with British formula. She is going to be one expensive little eater!! I hope that this doesn't spoil her for the rest of her life. I feel awful for the wonderful young man that someone else is raising who will one day become her husband. He will have a wife with expensive taste!!!

Kathryn had another eye exam on Friday and it continues to show that she has premature eyes, but still shows no signs of Rentinopathy Of Prematurity!!! That is amazing!! Dr. Strange was very pleased with this!!

Other stats: Kathryn was on 4 1/2 ccs per feed last I checked and she was up to 2 lbs, 4 ozs as of last night!! Please pray for her to continue to do well with the feeds, these are sooooo important!!


Oh and by the way - WAR EAGLE!!!!!

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