Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Day 56, Tuesday September 18

Kathryn started back on gut priming yesterday. They are giving her 1 ml every 6 hours (that is NOT a lot of food)!! When we visited last night at 8 pm, she had received two of those and was tolerating them well with little to no residual. They will go really slow though to make sure not to stress her digestive system and hopefully avoid NEC. They also performed her first eye test (that I am aware of) on the 14th. Last night we were told that it looked as if the results were normal - so far no signs of ROP (retinopathy of prematurity)! (Look that one up, I can't really begin to explain it well!) She also has been producing a lot more poops - again sorry for the gross details, but these are minor victories folks!! She had a total of 4 yesterday alone and they were sizable enough that the nurses were surprised that she could produce that much!! Her last weigh in showed 2 lbs, 1.7 ozs. Even though she is going backwards a little, it's because she is losing some of that excess fluid, which is a good sign. They have also moved her labs to once a day - mornings only. That is definitely an improvement over every 3 hours where she was a few weeks ago! She is moving around a little more now and opens her eyes during a lot of our visits. She looks around and you swear that she is looking straight at you. Her hair is still looking blond (and she may even have more hair now), but her eyebrows have tinges of red like Madelyn, so she may be a strawberry blond, or who knows, she may change at the last minute and be a brunette like her mom!! There is just no way to tell yet.

I received a comment on our site from a family in Atlanta. The Hess family had a very similar NICU experience and Lauren was kind enough to share her story and blog with us. It sure gives you hope to see babies come home. The Hess family also had to hug goodbyes to dear sweet Cooper. Please pray healing for this family as I can not begin to imagine their joy and their sadness each day as they watch Carson at home and think of their angel Cooper. I have added their blog to our list of friends here on our website (new feature). Hopefully they do not mind. I am sure that they would love your prayers as we do!!

Here are a few pictures from our house!!

I forgot that we went Friday night to the Hoover High School football game. Here is a picture of Madelyn and Nini.

Also, yesterday at the shower for Uncle Beau and Aunt Brittany, we were able to get a picture of Brittany, her mom, and her sister - and of course, Madelyn jumped in the picture!! (Brittany is in the front right by Madelyn.)

This last one is a side view of Reed in Aunt Britt's tummy.


Rachel said...

Dear Ellis family,

We don't know one another, but my cousin is Lauren Hess, who mentioned you in her blog, going through the same experience her family has been through. You asked for people to sign in, so you would know who had touched into your life. I have an 8 month old son who is the light of my life. He was born after his due date, and after seeing the Hess family, and now reading about yours, I know how very lucky we were to have a healthy baby boy with no complications beyond a little jaundice.
If nothing else, your stories make me so grateful for the good things in life, and to remember to let the little things just slide by.
I'll think of you as I think of Lauren, and hope for all of you the all the strength and resilience you need to help you through this time.
Be Well,
Rachel Nelli

Jim and Charlene said...

Dear Kelly, Greg, and Maddie, I am pretty much computer illiterate except for the basics so it has taken me this long to figure out how to get to this part to send you a comment. We pray for you all and Kathryn everyday. I read your blog everyday to see what progress your precious baby has made. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers and will keep checking on Kathryns progress.
God bless you and your family and all your support from family and friends. Stay Strong,
Jim and Charlene Gause