Saturday, September 8, 2007

A few new pictures - it's been a while

One of our favorite nurses - Ginny!! Madelyn took this picture tonight.

Maddie and Miss Ginny!! The stickers on Madelyn's arms are Ginny's present to Maddie for being such a great big sister. Madelyn sometimes colors at Kathryn's bedside.

This is Kathryn from today. She was opening her eyes at us for the first time in almost two weeks!! It sure was great to see that!! You can tell that she is a little bigger, but some of that is still puffiness from all that she has been through for two weeks. Being off of the Pavulon should help that!

We took Maddie to the zoo today and she thought it was fun to stand on the water holes!

Another picture standing on the water hole. I am partial, but isn't she just adorable?

Maddie and Nini at the Lorikeet exhibit at the zoo. Greg held the nectar water for the birds. (And then he got pooped on!!)

Maddie also met Barbie Island Princess at the zoo today!

This is a picture of Kathryn from earlier this week. I didn't want to share some of these pictures until she was getting better. She got pretty puffy for a few days. This was probably about 4 days ago.

This was about 2 weeks ago. We let Madelyn touch Kathryn's hand for one minute! It was right as she was getting sick - only we didn't really know it.

Here's the girls holding hands.

Greg and Maddie at Chappy's Deli. About two weeks ago. She's a Daddy's girl - just like Kathryn!!
Hope that you enjoy these. I've spent the last two weeks really focusing on updating instead of picture taking.
Please pray for Kathryn.


Aunt Donna said...

Keep it up Miss Kathryn - Granny Ellis is aching to hold you!!

gina said...

that's what we have going on for us - these beautiful red head girls. I think mine is adorable too. You have a gorgeous red head and a beautiful infant!! Still praying for you (almost exclusively) and sending love to favorite dinks!! gina

Sarah Rose said...

I wanted to let you guys know... I found your blog on a link from the Woodall's page, and my husband and I have been praying for Kathryn and your family. Know that we are consistently lifting prayers on your behalf!